12 July 2014

Another loom band experiment!

So, having worked hard at getting the pattern up for the loom band motif which is here, I decided to try another pattern.

Ah, but meanwhile after a few comments from other people I decided to try a pattern that I did years ago that used cabone rings. I was curious to see if that worked too!!!! Well, much to my surprise it did!!! This is the pattern I used.

Now I must mention that tatting on a loom band has a slight added challenge to the process!!!! Well, not really a 'challenge' as such - more that you need to take a little care with the join. 

Joining to something that's 'wobbly' (I know the word should be 'flexible') and 'sticky' means that each join needs to have 'breathing space' so that it can be moved if required when the motif is finished. 

This isn't the best of scans - I did it in a bit of a hurry. Obviously it may be foolish to press a loom band so I've not tried. I'm going to thoroughly wet it and then use my favourite stiffening method - white glue squished in with my fingers!!!!!

10 July 2014

Bag again

Today the front, flap and strap of the new bag.

I originally made the bag using the printed fabric but then decided it was 'too much' and then converted that into the lining. I love this print SOOOO much that it needed to be shown. The motifs were cut out of the same fabric and stitched on before putting the lining into the flap. The edging was added when the lining had been fitted.

Now there are spaces that need filling on the flap. Hmmmmmm, don't they just shout 'tatting' at you? Well, they do to me!! Wonder if the loom motifs will prove useful there - when I find out where I left them!!!

9 July 2014

Quick post today!

Just a fast one today to let you know that number 95 has just arrived on the Tat It And See blog here. 

Also to nudge a few of you who may also have forgotten to send yours in too!!!!

While I'm nudging - I noticed that there were almost 90 people going to Tat Days too - still time to come and join us.

8 July 2014

The answer!!

I nearly forgot to give you the answer to this question here!!!

A few were close and right with their guesses.

As you know I have a penchant for bags. Having them and making them! It's a sad disease but in my case - pretty cheap!!! Cheap as chips as 'they' say!! 

Here is a picture of the zipper pull on my new bag and a picture of the underneath of the flap. Why did I need a new bag? Well with my trip to Palmetto Tat Days looming up I needed something to cart my iPad, purse, passport etc around in when I get to America. I take a bigger bag as carry on but it's too big to carry with me all the time and doesn't have a shoulder strap either. This bag is made out of one leg of an old pair of jeans so it's REALLY cheap!!! More pictures when I've finished it!!!

7 July 2014

More loom motifs

Just two more motifs worked with the loom bands. These are great fun as I've got a packet of assorted colours and, along with variegated thread, they give me a lot of amusement trying out different combinations!!!!

I'm also currently working on a secret project which I'm delighted to be able to do. I'll let you know as soon as I can. 

It's daytime 'work' on the computer and also needs a lot of concentration too!!! If it rains over the next week I may get it done but if it doesn't then the garden and other 'projects' may well steer me away from it!!!!

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Happy Beaks
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