18 April 2019

Second Sequin done

I've found time to do the second (and my favourite) version of he sequin motif. 

Such a long time ago since the original was added to my web site - eleven years!!! Where does the time go?

Anyway it's now sorted and the new updated version is here.

17 April 2019

Coriolis finished

It's done. I'm really pleased with this but it doesn't show up so well in a photograph unfortunately. 

I'll take it with me to Palmetto Tat Days just so it gets an outing before it gets put in the box in a cupboard!!!!

It's the Coriolis motif which really needs to go on my web site soon - with a border.

16 April 2019

Introducing Juliana

I've an admission to make!! I made a start on this pattern in yesterday's book a few years ago. It's called Juliana and it's supposed to measure 32 x 48 centimetres when worked in a size 60 thread. Now I'm going to work in a size 20 as I can see that when doing stuff like this!!!

I started it (as I said - I do have a dreadful habit of repeating myself) a few years ago and the second picture is where I got to before abandoning it for some unknown reason which only BC3 knows the answer to!!! It takes AGES to work out exactly what the designer means as she's put very little input into the whole pattern. I'll show you a snippet of what I'm working from another day.

So over the weekend I decided to make another start. This time instead of doing a very long picot on the first ring (to join the others to) I did my usual 'trick' and made vsp's instead on each ring. That made me happier. 

If anybody knows who the owner of this copyright is would they PLEASE contact me as I'd love to get permission to put this on my site - eventually.

15 April 2019

A Dutch book

Post edited as suggested by Anke’s comment.  Thank you, Anke.

Many years ago my dear friend Riet sent me two little books. They're in Dutch so are a bit hard to read! This is the front cover and inside the first page - or frontispiece. 

It's hard to type out the Dutch version without the darn 'autocorrect' changing everything but I did it!!!! Here's what it says - I hope!!!

"In this detailed section of our frivolite manual, we have tried to give only very beautiful patterns that will satisfy more experienced workers.

Although the motifs seem more complicated than those of the previous particles, they can all be carried out in a very simple way, namely with a shuttle and ball.

The frivolite technique is, in our opinion, ideally suited to a bridal toilet. That's why we have a tasteful, simple wedding bag design. This can of course also be designed as an evening bag.

Although not for daily use, the tea cozy will probably fall very much in the smack.

Furthermore, white has incorporated different motifs, which come in all kinds of combinations - you can combine them to your own taste! - practice all garnish with contemporary fashion fits perfectly.

By the way, this time you look for new designs for collars and dresses.

We hope that this new series will find just as much welcome as the two preceding sections. These are in our. Board and Wire series available.

A small number of changes were made to this second edition, thereby improving annoying typographical errors or uncertainties.

Summer 1952 De Uitgevers"

More over the next few days, weeks, months or whatever!!!

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Happy Beaks
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