5 June 2010

This has got to stop!!!

No, honestly, not really because I LOVE it.  Another package in the post today!!!

I think Sue Anna's out to make me the 'most spoilt tatter' in the world.  Look what she sent me yesterday.  Can you believe it?  All those HDT's!!!!  Guess what too - I was running short on black too.  

Where DO I start with all those threads?  Actually I do have something 'on the go' which was designed purely to 'show off' the beauty of the HDT's.  I'll 'reveal all' in a week or so.

This 'something' is a 'something' that I've been doing at odd moments and hope to take with me next week when I do the demonstration in the local church.  Also I'll be taking it with me on holiday in a few weeks too.  

The blog will be 'dark' for a couple of weeks - just be reassured that I will be back!!!

4 June 2010

Latest project

This is what I've just finished.  I do like to have a simple project on the go so that when I get foxed by a design I can go and do that.

This is one that really grabbed my interest - I was going to keep it for when we are on holiday but it just kept calling me to get it finished!!!!

I used the tiger eye number 80 from Yarnplayer that Ridgetatter sent me.  Love that thread.

The plain thread is an old Coats that I've had since the dinosaurs roamed the earth.  The pattern?  I'll leave you to guess!!!!

3 June 2010

SO funny!!

Yesterday I had a package arrive from America.  Always a treat - a BIG, HUMUNGOUS treat getting one of those.

Anyway, it was from Elizabeth.  I opened it pretty darn fast, I can tell you, and inside was a well wrapped package (not like you see it below as I didn't wait long to unwrap it)!!!!!  Originally it was neatly wrapped but that's what happens when an old git gets excited!!!

Well the reason I couldn't wait to see it was because of the first sentence in the card (complete with tatted motifs!) which said:-

"I was browsing on the internet one day and came across this fabric.  The first thing that came to mind was 'Jane'".

Naturally I was VERY curious.  This is what was inside.  Did you notice the dear buttons on the ribbon too?

I've a feeling it'll have to be a bag of some sort - well, that is my other 'career' (bag making)!!!!!

Actually (after the kiwi - see, I haven't forgotten Maureen!!) I may have to make a sheep now!!!!!  That's one of the 'missing animals' on my pattern page!!!!!

Thank you so much, Elizabeth - you really know how to keep me out of mischief!!!

2 June 2010

Alive, alive oh!!!!

Who?  What?  Where?  

Ah, brain cell number 3 is alive and well.  Ah, but is he?  OR is it just a rumour?

He's asked me to ask you for opinions!!!!  Between us we've come up with a new wee bag.  This little beauty (well, that's his opinion!!!) measures just 5 1/2" high.  The zip is a 6" zip.  The bag is fully lined (with my name tag in - is that a selling point or an off-putting point?).

Now, we have two problems!!!!  What DO we call it?  I've called it (while it was being made) the 'square bottomed bag' as it sits nicely on it's dainty wee bum!!!!!  We could do with a name for it, though.  Any ideas?

The design came about after talking to a friend who makes bags too.  She told me how to make one out of a square but with the zip going the 'opposite way' to normal.  This appealed to me so I came home and thought I'd made what she described BUT I added a 'SQUARE BUM'!!!!!!  Turns out I was wrong!!  Still, it works for me!!!

Here are some pictures.  If there's any interest I'll make a few for my Etsy store.  I've currently got the sewing machine out as I've got a request for a roly poly bag and poke proof pouch set.  So, while I'm 'in the mood' (and after I've weeded the garden which has produced a lot of weeds - due to torrential rain!) I could make a few of these too.

All comments welcome - as usual!!!!

1 June 2010

Boring but true

Sorry but you're probably fed up with these!!!

I made these two dangles for the birthday girl on Sunday.  She's a very keen gardener so I made the one with a butterfly and t'other with a bee.  She put the one straight onto her phone!!!

31 May 2010

A birthday card

I don't like doing cards!!!  Sorry, you know that already!!!  

This is one that I did last week for a family member who has two moggies!!!  Of course it's Martha Ess's little pattern and again you know I'm addicted to her work.

The 50 was done with one of Yarnplayer's colours - nectarine.  

The cats are done in tigereye again by the same dyer!!!  Both the 50 and the moggies are in a size 80.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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