1 June 2010

Boring but true

Sorry but you're probably fed up with these!!!

I made these two dangles for the birthday girl on Sunday.  She's a very keen gardener so I made the one with a butterfly and t'other with a bee.  She put the one straight onto her phone!!!


TypsTatting said...

Love them both and the butterfly and bee are a wonderful idea.

Fox said...

I never tire of looking at your wonderful dangles. (Doesn't that sound a wee bit funny - or is it me?)
They are on my ever-growing, must-do list!
Fox : )

Gina said...

Adorable little charms!

Julia said...

Boring? No way!

Val said...

really cute things, jane. i'll be having my birthday next month (HINT!).

deanna7trees said...

You are never boring. love them.

Ridgetatter said...

You may be many things...but you are never boring! LOL BTW I think people should know how handy the "Dolly" bags on ETSY can be....The Leps traveled to AZ with me in their Dolly bag. I often put things in it that I carry to town and want to be able to find 'pronto' in my big, deep baggy bag. I love this leather bag..but it does hide things in the bottom. Anyway, besides the roly poly bags, the dolly bags are queit handy.
The little charms on your dangles are great...have you used your hippo charm on something yet?

xxx P

TAT19540 said...

These are very cool! The birthday girl is one lucky lady! I wouldn't ever call you boring.lol.

Carol Lawecki said...

Great idea Jane! Love the bee and butterfly beads you used!!

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Happy Beaks
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