3 June 2010

SO funny!!

Yesterday I had a package arrive from America.  Always a treat - a BIG, HUMUNGOUS treat getting one of those.

Anyway, it was from Elizabeth.  I opened it pretty darn fast, I can tell you, and inside was a well wrapped package (not like you see it below as I didn't wait long to unwrap it)!!!!!  Originally it was neatly wrapped but that's what happens when an old git gets excited!!!

Well the reason I couldn't wait to see it was because of the first sentence in the card (complete with tatted motifs!) which said:-

"I was browsing on the internet one day and came across this fabric.  The first thing that came to mind was 'Jane'".

Naturally I was VERY curious.  This is what was inside.  Did you notice the dear buttons on the ribbon too?

I've a feeling it'll have to be a bag of some sort - well, that is my other 'career' (bag making)!!!!!

Actually (after the kiwi - see, I haven't forgotten Maureen!!) I may have to make a sheep now!!!!!  That's one of the 'missing animals' on my pattern page!!!!!

Thank you so much, Elizabeth - you really know how to keep me out of mischief!!!


snowy said...

Ooh a sheep would be fun! :)

Anonymous said...

yes! a sheep would be cute.

Julia said...

What fun to have such a treat arrive at your door!

Margarets designer cards said...

What a lovely surprize, enjoy playing with your new bits. Margaret

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