5 December 2015

During a tidy up

I simply had to tackle the tatting cupboard once again. The second picture shows you just a small part of the - hmmmmm, 'problem'. 

The reason it gets in such a state is because I've never QUITE got BC3 trained  to put things away properly.  I try with bribery and corruption but nothing seems to work.  Well, not since I gave up on chocolate over a year ago in my quest to lose weight.

The top picture is one of my 'finds'. Over the many years of being on the internet I've been given samples of threads. Wonderful - but me, being me, has always kept them 'for special things' and the stash has kept growing and growing quietly in a corner.  This tidy up has prompted me to use them so I'll show you another day what I've been using some of them for.

3 December 2015


Having 'done' the big patchwork I'm surprised to find I'm still 'in the mood' to do another. This time I do have an idea of what I'm aiming for - a small cloth for an occasional table in our living room.

The last one which I did many, many MANY years ago was made using tiny hexagonal pieces and I fussy cut some of those to highlight certain parts of the print. This really appealed to me as it was only recently, whilst researching for the last project, that I learnt that the way I'd done that cloth was using fussy cut - as far as I know in 'those good old days' it didn't have a name!!!

Anyway, here are a few pictures of progress so far.  The last picture is where I am at the moment!

2 December 2015

Jane's Christmas mouse

Now Jane from Canada is suffering from 'mouse addiction'. Can't say I blame her and am dying to make more mice (or other baubles) soon.  She and some other friends from the Toronto area traveled to Indiana for a weekend of fun and lots of tatting with (among others) the Houtz brothers.  

Here is her Christmas display.  I can tell you a secret - Jane is a HUGE amount of fun just like the other Canadian lasses.  This is what she says about her picture:-

"Mice get ginormous and grow antlers and Santa hats"

Actually I have a little rabbit to test tat for Darla sometime and I should be able to get to it soon. Where DOES the time go?

1 December 2015

A BIG mystery - what is this for?

During the current and HATEFUL tidying up of the tatting cupboard I came across these useful 'tatting things'!!!! 

They were in a sweet little packet alongside some buttons and bits - sewn into the clear packet too so a lot of effort was put into this little gift. Sadly due to my dreadful packing of the suitcase (not helped by having it searched by some security or other) I lost the plot on where they came from. Thankfully the search people didn't take my wonderful bottle of Maple syrup or if they had there would've been BIG TROUBLE.

Anyway I'm putting a picture below in the hope that somebody will be able to help me. I'm SURE they're useful for tatting somehow but BC3 hasn't been able to figure it out!!!!

30 November 2015

More shuttles

First of all some blatant advertising!!!  I'm not ashamed of myself for doing it either!!!  Just want to ask you one simple question.  Where can you buy 15 tatting patterns for just CD $20 which is USD $14.95 or GBP £9.95 all plus postage.  Well, the answer is here from the Fringe Tatters.  fringetatters@gmail.com  These lovely patterns are all available on their calendar so, as they only have just a few left, dive in quick.  

There are more shuttles listed here in my Etsy shop. A mixture of Pop A Bobbin Shuttles and post ones.  Well I hope there are some left by the time you read this!!!

I think that anything sent within the next week should make it to it's destination before Christmas. Obviously with Royal Fail I can't guarantee that but I can guarantee that this OG will toddle down to the Post Office each day to send out any orders. 

This is what I listed in the shop yesterday lunchtime.

3 CHERRY £18.00 with hooks 
3 APPLE £18.00 with hooks 
3 PEARS £18.00 with hooks 
3 AMERICAN BLACK WALNUT £18.00 with hooks 

2 PEAR £14.50 
1 CEDAR £14.50 
1 SNAKEWOOD £16.50

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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