10 October 2015

A Weapon of Tat Destruction

So, what is that? Read on, dear friends!!

The picture today is of Kelly who has been the butt of my teasing for many years - poor lass.  Although she does take revenge on me from time to time!!!! 

I tease Kelly unmercifully and she takes it all in good part and was even kind enough to put up with me staying with her for a few days at her home in Canada - a BRAVE woman. The weapon (IMHO) is a needle. Yes, Kelly is a needle tatter but I have strong hopes of her recovering in due course and becoming a shuttle tatter.   Actually, dare I admit it, she's a darn good needle tatter and her work is drop dead gorgeous.   Good luck with the show you're working towards, Kelly.  Here's the link for those living in or near Toronto so you can go and visit her and even buy some of her work.

Part of the reason for traveling over to Canada was to teach Kelly to tat in the original and traditional way - with a shuttle and NOT a weapon of tat destruction. 

So, with some extra strong rope and a determination to succeed I tied her firmly to a chair and forced (took all my strength) a shuttle into her hands. I did drug her too (can you see the cup of tea?) and I asked Hannah (the beagle in charge) to hypnotise her which also helped. 

Actually Kelly will make a super shuttle tatter and has lovely hands which she will be able to show off when holding a shuttle.

9 October 2015

Onwards and upwards and downwards!

First today - a few acres of solar panels.  Amazing.
Next to Peterborough to visit the worlds highest Lift Lock.  Here's a link for those who are interested.  

The guide - he has 8 kids and he's still breathing!!!!

The fountain in the middle of the lake which we crossed before entering the  Trent-Severn canal.

Opening the sluices on the first lock.  It's a regular lock - very deep, though.  Here's a video link to see this 'live'.

Onwards and past the swing bridge.

Approaching the Lift Lock.  Link to the video is here.

Going up video. 

View from the top.  We were level with the road before the lift.  After we'd reached the top we went further along the canal.  Here's us approaching the 'end of the world' or, rather, the lift lock going back.  Another video here.

8 October 2015

More mice

Fortunately not in our house - Tilly the cat doesn't 'do' mice anymore thankfully although I'd really welcome this little tribe.

These guys are from Jane who I had the very great pleasure to meet up with in Canada. What a great time I had with her and the other ladies.  More about that tomorrow.

I'm only showing you one of the pictures so that you're tempted to go here to see the rest!!! I'm also not going to tell you what she said either!!! Am I a tease? YES!!!  You will have to scroll down to see these guys but I promise you it's well worth it.

Can you see the eyes on these little guys? They're different and when I was telling Ruth how much I liked that sort of eye somehow Jane found out and gave me some. Can't wait to make eyes with those beads. 

7 October 2015

First few days

Some photos from the first few days with Kelly. The 'hostess with the mostest' and the cutest Beagle ever to live - Hannah.

Next a visit to a candle store - Kokimo Candles. The name is made up from the zip code - clever.  The lady is the candle maker and she allowed me to take her picture and showed me how and where she makes the candles.

Down by the lake and the dreaded geese!!!

Paddling in the lake!!  The water was pretty warm that day.

Kelly's bead store - of course I was tempted and succumbed to the temptation too.  An old git has to have beads!!

Pumpkins outside the Burnham Family Farm Market.  The guys were baking scones, bread etc.  

6 October 2015

Trouble's back!!!

Having spent the last two weeks annoying the Canadians I'm now back (although hungover with jet lag) in town and able to annoy YOU!!!!

Over the next few days I'll be giving you a glimpse at my wonderful adventure.

First of all the flights over were fine although this poor old soul had to get her skates on in Frankfurt to get her connection. Bit worrying when you find the first board on entering a terminal posting that your plane is now loading when you've no idea where you are!!! I managed to do a fairly fast walk only to be held up by security!!! The people queuing to go through the process kindly let myself and another young lass jump the queue to get through and complete another long walk to the plane!!

On arrival in Toronto it was a bit disconcerting to be told by passengers around me that 'there's no such place in Canada called Baltimore' (that's where Kelly lives)!!!! Didn't phase the OG, though as when I got off the plane Kelly and Ruth were going to meet me. How would I know them? Well, I'd seen photos of Kelly but had no idea about Ruth. I needn't have worried, though as this is what greeted me!!!! I knew that the next two weeks were going to be fun, fun, fun!!! BC3 (along with his probable owner) had landed!!!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.