10 October 2015

A Weapon of Tat Destruction

So, what is that? Read on, dear friends!!

The picture today is of Kelly who has been the butt of my teasing for many years - poor lass.  Although she does take revenge on me from time to time!!!! 

I tease Kelly unmercifully and she takes it all in good part and was even kind enough to put up with me staying with her for a few days at her home in Canada - a BRAVE woman. The weapon (IMHO) is a needle. Yes, Kelly is a needle tatter but I have strong hopes of her recovering in due course and becoming a shuttle tatter.   Actually, dare I admit it, she's a darn good needle tatter and her work is drop dead gorgeous.   Good luck with the show you're working towards, Kelly.  Here's the link for those living in or near Toronto so you can go and visit her and even buy some of her work.

Part of the reason for traveling over to Canada was to teach Kelly to tat in the original and traditional way - with a shuttle and NOT a weapon of tat destruction. 

So, with some extra strong rope and a determination to succeed I tied her firmly to a chair and forced (took all my strength) a shuttle into her hands. I did drug her too (can you see the cup of tea?) and I asked Hannah (the beagle in charge) to hypnotise her which also helped. 

Actually Kelly will make a super shuttle tatter and has lovely hands which she will be able to show off when holding a shuttle.


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Good for you, Jane! Now I'm afraid to visit Kelly when I retire... she might try and force a tatting needle into my hands! ;-)

Jane Eborall said...

No she won't, I promise - she's SUCH a sweetie.

StringyDogs said...

Once she is converted, maybe she could use the needles for tat-u-puncture.

Jane Eborall said...

That's sooooo funny, StringyDogs. Great idea too.

Pigmini said...

Poor Kelly!!! Tied and drugged!!! You do realise she will get revenge don't you???? Rofl.... You'll find Hannah cornering you till you learn needle tatting!!! That's when you next go across!!!

Love Stringy Dogs comment too!!! Vbg

God's Kid said...

Too funny!! :) At least my students come willingly. :)

tattrldy said...

Such strong measures you used! But it must have ended well if she didn't kick you out early and leave you wondering the streets. If ever I want to convert a needle tatter I'll have to keep your methods in mind - rope, tea and a beagle. Good to know.

Tatfully Yours said...

Haaa haaa Kelly
PS Hanna says hi!!!!

Tatfully Yours said...

You are welcome to come up any time!!! I have lots of extra needles!!

Bernice said...

Great story!

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