26 June 2010

I'm addicted again!!!

I thought I'd make a couple or more of these dangles just to show how they can be played around with.  All these two need is another half yard or so of thread before starting and then (of course!) more beads.  

I'm 'wearing' these now on my handbag!!!!

25 June 2010

Following on from yesterday!

There was one comment on yesterday's blog that made me stop and think!!!!  I tend still to do things without wondering whether anybody else does them the same way!!!

The question was from TAT19540 who asked  "how do you finish the end so there is no thread dangling?"

I have two ways of doing this.  If the seed beads are too small to allow the threads to be taken back through them (that's 4 thread widths) then I just tie a knot.

If the centres of the seed beads allow it I take the threads back up through them and tie below (or even above!) the last large bead.  Ah, you don't take them up through the very bottom bead, though or you will 'lose the lot'!!!!

Here's a diagram I drew to try and help explain the ramblings of an old git!!!!

24 June 2010

Am I enjoying these?

I decided that while I've got the beads out and before I have another 'grand tidy up' I'd make a few more of these earwigs!!!

Then I decided on dangles for my handbag so here you go!!!

23 June 2010

So, while I was in the mood!!!

Once I get out beads etc for one project it usually leads to another!!!  So I thought I'd make another pair of the Winsome drop earwigs.

The heart shaped beads for this project came from a bracelet I was given a looooooong time ago.  I always 'meant' to wear the bracelet but never quite got round to it!!!!  SO, making the beads into earwigs means I'll get lots of pairs of my favourite jewellery!!!  

How's that for a great idea?

22 June 2010


When I was at the Medieval Fayre last weekend I was selling a few pieces that I'd made for the event.  There were bookmarks, button flowers, Winsome drop earwigs, butterflies and other 'bits and pieces'. 

One of my customers spied a pair of my own earrings on the display board at the back.  I told her they weren't for sale but she insisted she wanted them.  I pointed out that I'd worn them (they were a pair I was particularly fond of) but that didn't deter her!!!  So I finally sold them to her!!!

I managed to 'replace' them yesterday with a similar pair which you can see here.

21 June 2010

OK, here it is!!!

I did it, I did it, I DID IT!!!!!   I managed to get the page done.  Been a busy week last week but I managed to find a few minutes!!!

Here's the direct link to the page but you can get to it from the home page too.

What am I talking about?  The re-visited hearts on buttons!!!

That's amazingly fast for me to get the whole of my act together.  Next project?  Wait and seeeeeee!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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