25 June 2010

Following on from yesterday!

There was one comment on yesterday's blog that made me stop and think!!!!  I tend still to do things without wondering whether anybody else does them the same way!!!

The question was from TAT19540 who asked  "how do you finish the end so there is no thread dangling?"

I have two ways of doing this.  If the seed beads are too small to allow the threads to be taken back through them (that's 4 thread widths) then I just tie a knot.

If the centres of the seed beads allow it I take the threads back up through them and tie below (or even above!) the last large bead.  Ah, you don't take them up through the very bottom bead, though or you will 'lose the lot'!!!!

Here's a diagram I drew to try and help explain the ramblings of an old git!!!!


Typstatting said...

Thanks Jane! for the comment and I will give the SCMR a try! Your patterns are really easy to follow and I do like the animals.

Fox said...

Around the bottom bead, eh? This diagram has saved me countless hours of frustration and a very dangerous floor!
Fox : )

Eliz Davis aka Tatknot said...

Very helpful, Jane. Thank you and thanks to TAT19540 for asking it for all of us.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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