22 June 2010


When I was at the Medieval Fayre last weekend I was selling a few pieces that I'd made for the event.  There were bookmarks, button flowers, Winsome drop earwigs, butterflies and other 'bits and pieces'. 

One of my customers spied a pair of my own earrings on the display board at the back.  I told her they weren't for sale but she insisted she wanted them.  I pointed out that I'd worn them (they were a pair I was particularly fond of) but that didn't deter her!!!  So I finally sold them to her!!!

I managed to 'replace' them yesterday with a similar pair which you can see here.


Anonymous said...


Fox said...

No wonder she was so insitent! They are very pretty!

Thank you or the heart button pattern. I can see these might follow the progression of Jon's covered rings, which have ALMOST come to an end!

Once one makes one of these button hearts, it looks as if many more would have to follow. Oh, the obsession...
Fox of the O.C.D. Clan : )

God's Kid said...

Those are quite nice! :)

IsDihara said...

I can see why she was so insistent! They are lovely danglies, indeed!

slow design said...

They are very pretty of course!

John said...

Miss Jane,
you must rush back to the U.S. so you can teach me beading.

Agnieszka Winnicka said...

Beautiful beading! I love the colors, no wonder she wanted them so much!

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