23 June 2010

So, while I was in the mood!!!

Once I get out beads etc for one project it usually leads to another!!!  So I thought I'd make another pair of the Winsome drop earwigs.

The heart shaped beads for this project came from a bracelet I was given a looooooong time ago.  I always 'meant' to wear the bracelet but never quite got round to it!!!!  SO, making the beads into earwigs means I'll get lots of pairs of my favourite jewellery!!!  

How's that for a great idea?


Typstatting said...

Love the balck earwigs and the Heart Shape beads are perfect!!!!!

TAT19540 said...

Jane you are a woman after more own heart! One can never have enough earrings and yours are stunning!

tattrldy said...

I love these earwigs! The black really make these look elegant. You will look very nice in these. Just be careful - people may like them so much you may loose these right out your ears!

IsDihara said...

Each pair looks more darling than the last. You are a wonder.

Corina said...

The beads are perfect for this earrings!

Unknown said...

Love these beads with the black thread! They make darling earrings! I think that it's so funny that you call earring "Earwigs", LOL! Earwigs are the names of a terrible, hideous bug here in the US! We would NEVER call something so lovely an earwig, LOL!

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Happy Beaks
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