26 June 2010

I'm addicted again!!!

I thought I'd make a couple or more of these dangles just to show how they can be played around with.  All these two need is another half yard or so of thread before starting and then (of course!) more beads.  

I'm 'wearing' these now on my handbag!!!!


Martha said...

So pretty! I've got some square beads I never figured out what to do with. This will set me to thinking about them again.

Typstatting said...

Love the dangles they are so pretty!!!!

Fox said...

These are brilliant... Love the heart ... might just have to detour to the bead store...
Fox : )

p.s. What are they hanging from? Didi you make that or is it a finding?

Agnieszka Winnicka said...

Wow, love the idea!!! I was always wondering how to make them heavier to dangle, BEADS....dah

God's Kid said...

Blue is my favorite color, but I sure do love that bright pink one! :)

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