10 May 2024

Oval version Celtic ferris wheel

I have some gorgeous small gold picture frames that I’ve always wanted to put something in but never quite got round to doing it.  I bet you’re the same too.  Time goes by and they’ve sat and looked at me for several years.

I’ve got some special people I want to give special presents to and that’s what I’m going to do with the frames.  

Now, what to make as they’re pretty small?  In the end I decided to use this pattern as it would bring in three colours.  It looks lovely in the frame and I will show you when I’ve got it finished.  I used a size 40 thread.  Size 80 was just too small.  

8 May 2024

One sleeve finished.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!  Hooray!!!  

6 May 2024

Monday moan. Cut off in my prime

There’s a Facebook group which used to be my favourite place when it was run by it’s original owner.  Unfortunately she disappeared and the group was taken on by three others.  

There are now two admin and one moderator who keep the list going.  I had no idea what the difference is between admins and moderators until I googled it and this is what I found.  ‘An admin is a person who created a Facebook group and has complete control over its settings. On the other hand, a moderator is someone who assists the admin in keeping track of the group's activities and ensuring that everything is running smoothly.’  All sounds like a good idea to me.

A few days ago in this particular group there was an interesting discussion going on about designs that people have done and which are very, very similar and could be classed as copyright theft.  This particular conversation was not accusing anybody of theft but was more about the fact that ‘accidents do happen’ in simple generic designs and this was being pointed out and discussed.  

What I am very puzzled about is the fact that the moderator put a total stop to the discussion.  This felt to me as if we were being treated like naughty children who couldn’t be trusted to behave when in fact it was developing into an interesting discussion.  I am now wondering if it was because the moderator has insufficient knowledge or expertise in our craft and was afraid of the outcome.  

No matter - I will not be offering my opinions on that list again.  There are other groups where life is a lot more comfortable and discussions are allowed to continue even if it does lead to a lot of disagreements.  Everybody is entitled to their opinion and we should all learn to live with that fact.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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