4 April 2015

A few more

Not a few more patterns but a few more of the square bags!!! Despite of or in spite of a pretty busy week I've managed to get a few more bags packaged and listed here in the Etsy shop.  There will be just that one purple bag in case you were wondering.  It's twin went 'elsewhere'!!!!!

Tatting progress is sort of slow at the moment but mainly cause I'm fiddling with ideas.  Not earth shattering ones but quite interesting, I think.  You'll get to hear of them sometime I hope.  

2 April 2015

New pattern

Before I start - number 111 of the Tat It And See has arrived.  See it here.

Now there's quite a story behind this pattern. It was done originally for a book but the editor changed her mind after commissioning it. 

I forgot all about it until one day Pigmini asked me about an edging picture that she'd seen on my site (before I changed it the last time)!!! I was puzzled as I didn't recognise it either!! So, after a search of my main computer I finally tracked it down and it was the reject one!!! 

That's why it got re-named and is now known as 'The Forgotten Edging' - because the OG forgot all about it!!!! 

I've just made the hanky below using it and must admit I really enjoyed making it. This one is worked in size 80 thread (Lizbeth) and it holds up well. 

By that I mean that there's sufficient colour in it and it's firm. There are plentiful picots to join to the hanky (I always sew on after the edging is complete) and if you're crafty you can do SLT's (notated in the pattern) so that you never have to take the chain thread off your left hand. I'm lazy and proud of it!!!!!

It's also a simple pattern to remember - another bonus for my poor BC3!

So, I bet you want to know where the instructions are? Well, they're here!!!

31 March 2015

More mice!

Now in the title to this post you'll see it says 'more mice'. So, you may well ask, why am I only showing you one?!?!?!?

That's to make you go and visit the others on the tab at the top called 'Exclusive Tatting Club'!!! Oh, OK, here's a direct link too.

These guys were sent in by Gaye who sent in this comment (more of the comment on the club page too).

"My photo is called "Wud we like pie for tea". Hope you like them.

Am I a tease? YES, I hope so!!!!

30 March 2015

It rained ALL day!

Well when that happens what does an old git do except sew her little socks off? 

Here are some more bags which are now here in the shop. The bottom one might give you 'paws for thought'!!!

I've another five to finish off and there's another butterfly one in the shop too which replaces a similar one which sold last week. I love that butterfly print. 

There then - that's what happens when it rains!!!  I sew and sew and sew!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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