6 August 2016

Onwards and onwards.

Looking a bit as if it's drunk at the moment but this is round 3 of the Fandango doily that I'm working on. 

This is in between working more on the butterfly idea but I'm not telling what I'm 'up to' at the moment!!!! That's partly because I'm not really sure myself.

5 August 2016

The reason for the butterflies

Well here you are - the reason for the two butterflies I showed you yesterday. I bought this top from a big chain of shops that are closing down and I love it. Of course with anything new I usually add a bit of tatting to it somewhere!!!! Very pleased with the result.

Now for the pattern. Here's the link to the Fandango Butterfly - hope somebody somewhere will enjoy it.

4 August 2016

Another Fandango butterfly

More butterflies but for a reason. Once I've got them added to the 'reason' I'll show you!!!

I read somewhere the other day that somebody had used this Lizbeth thread with some trepidation. It's not one of my favourite colour ways but I must admit that when worked up it looks a lot better. I was a bit disappointed in these two butterflies UNTIL I put them to their designated use. Hopefully I'll get that finished today and then the pattern should be done too. 

Monday had me chasing my tail trying to organise lots of stuff which has to be done soon. In the MIDDLE of this something urgent cropped up that also had to be dealt with immediately. Now 'they' say women can multi task and I think we'll all agree about that (even men). But there are some days when even that is stretched to it's breaking point!!!

So glad there won't be another Monday until next week!!!

2 August 2016

Colour crisis!!!

Still messing with the Fandango butterfly and am almost ready to put the pattern on the site. Hopefully it'll be ready by the end of the week.

I don't like these colours - must've been a 'bad Jane day' when I chose them.  I've normally got quite a good 'eye' for colour combinations but this time I failed dismally.  

1 August 2016

Got there in the end!!!

I finally finished Mimi's square and this time it actually turned out square which is great progress!!!  Perhaps BC3 is back on form again and is now reading patterns properly!!

I'm still not happy with clunies but am now ready for Mimi's improvement class at Tat Days - that is, if I haven't forgotten how to make them again by then!!!!  Must thank Bernice properly (without teasing) for inspiring me to make this journey.  If she hadn't blogged about the clunies here a week or so ago I would STILL be 'thinking' about doing some before I meet Mimi.  I didn't want to be in the situation of having to do mind boggling things like this mid Atlantic in a panic!

Mine aren't very good even though I did them (as I thought) very, very carefully but at least they're done. Not being a 'fan' of picots I took them out of the outer chains. Didn't want to detract from the sheer simplicity of the pattern. 

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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