4 August 2016

Another Fandango butterfly

More butterflies but for a reason. Once I've got them added to the 'reason' I'll show you!!!

I read somewhere the other day that somebody had used this Lizbeth thread with some trepidation. It's not one of my favourite colour ways but I must admit that when worked up it looks a lot better. I was a bit disappointed in these two butterflies UNTIL I put them to their designated use. Hopefully I'll get that finished today and then the pattern should be done too. 

Monday had me chasing my tail trying to organise lots of stuff which has to be done soon. In the MIDDLE of this something urgent cropped up that also had to be dealt with immediately. Now 'they' say women can multi task and I think we'll all agree about that (even men). But there are some days when even that is stretched to it's breaking point!!!

So glad there won't be another Monday until next week!!!


Maureen said...

Are you making food covers like South African Jane?? - now I can't wait to see what the designated role for a butterfly could possibly be. The Denim thread is perfect for this pattern.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Great butterflies! I'm looking forward to their designated use. I wonder how that color would look in a Spinning Wheel? ;-)

God's Kid said...

More nice butterflies!!! :)

Madtatter80 said...

Very cute and sweet looking butterflies

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Happy Beaks
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