7 August 2010

More on the kiwi

Another evening (Thursday) on this little critter and progress was made.  See the top picture.

I often get to a stage when things go backwards on this type of pattern - I try to be tooooo clever and things go very wrong.  This time I think I'm still 'on track'.

I elongated the back slightly and (thanks to a video link left on Monday's comments) realised that they do have a small 'tail' so have added one.  

The critter is worked all in one 'hit' but there is a small idea which will have to be explained.  Not sure you'd call it a technique as such but - well, we'll see.

On Thursday a helpful comment was left saying that the neck should be a little shorter.  So yesterday evening (Friday) I re-jigged him again.  I've put the new shorter necked kiwi underneath.  Does this look better?

6 August 2010

A seahorse in a ring.

This is one of the things I love making - seahorses.

I've sold these dangles in Etsy in the past and t'other day a friend asked me to make one for her.  

Here it is!!!!

4 August 2010

I ♥ ♥ ♥ it.

This IS for me although there is enough fabric to make a few more if anybody wants a set!!!  

This fun piece of material came from Elizabeth and you've seen it here before.

Every time I look at it I smile.  I couldn't make up my mind for ages what to make with it and then t'other day I woke up and had a senior GREAT idea!!!  A roly poly set.  Well, why not?  My original one is in need of a good wash - that's MY excuse and I'm sticking with it.

In future and each time I go groping and fumbling in my handbag I'll see this roly poly bag and smile and think of Elizabeth.  

3 August 2010

Tuesday, Tuesday even!!!!

Well the sewing machine got a good belting yesterday!!!  

The chick fabric bag that you saw the other day was one of two sets that Maureen looked at a few months ago.  I made up a blue set and a 'chick' set.  In the end she decided to go with the blue set.  Well she's now decided to 'go' for the chick one as well!!!  

I've got a lovely one that I'm going to show you tomorrow but don't visit my blog if you don't want to be jealous cause it's for MEEEEEEE.

2 August 2010

Monday, Monday

If anybody out there thinks I have a method in my designing then think again!!!!  Well, perhaps I do - it's called madness!

I use lots of different approaches to a new pattern but I never design on paper or with math as my prop! I can't 'do' math anyway - watch me struggle with adding and subtracting when I'm shopping!!!

Probably the easiest way is to just 'tat it' and see what happens.  Sometimes nowadays I draw (on the computer) too.  

This kiwi had me flummoxed for ages.  I couldn't make a start.  I'd downloaded lots of pictures of kiwis and studied them until I thought I knew what your 'average' kiwi looked like.  I always do this when tackling an animal.  

Well in the end I decided to 'just start' (after doing a rough drawing on the computer) and see if I could break it down into sections.  One trick I've learnt is to use two shuttles and two colours so you can 'track' your progress.  This time and for the first time ever I 'did a bit' and tied and cut, did a bit more and tied and cut.  

In the first trial (the grotty coloured picture below) I did the body (see the knot at the top, right?) and then joined on above the legs to do the under neck.  Then I did the top of the neck and the whole thing didn't look too bad!!!  

Next to try and do it in 'one hit' with just the one tie and cut at the end.  The brown version underneath does just that.  BUT I'M NOT HAPPY with it yet.  NO WAY!!!

At the very bottom is the rough drawing I did.  I got 'lost' on the neck!!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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