3 August 2010

Tuesday, Tuesday even!!!!

Well the sewing machine got a good belting yesterday!!!  

The chick fabric bag that you saw the other day was one of two sets that Maureen looked at a few months ago.  I made up a blue set and a 'chick' set.  In the end she decided to go with the blue set.  Well she's now decided to 'go' for the chick one as well!!!  

I've got a lovely one that I'm going to show you tomorrow but don't visit my blog if you don't want to be jealous cause it's for MEEEEEEE.


Patty C. said...

I love it !!!!!

Maureen said...

You are an Enabler, Jane - and I'm SO controlled in every other area of my life apart from this little tatting hiccup I have - long ago worked out that it is just better to admit to it and buy the lovely bags when they are there to be bought! (But I am not even THINKING of looking at your shop for a long, long time! )
The Roly Poly bags are my absolute favourites, I never leave home without one.

Ridgewoman said...

Oh me too, I don't leave home without 'em. Roly Polys rock! Two of them fit perfectly in the outside front of my MAC bag..

Now, I shall have to look for some "chickie" material. I think my BB would love one as a cosmetic bag! I, of course, will HAVE to take a look at the shop! I can't resist. LOL

xxxx P

Ridgewoman said...

Oh, me TOO. Can't leave home without at least one Roly Poly. And two fit in my computer bag! Cool beans.
I SHALL HAVE to find some CHICK material, myself. I know my BB would love a cosmetic bag adorned with petite chicks.
xxxx P

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