6 July 2013

Christmas baubles

Now I did use these for a few years on the Christmas tree.  

They are from a German book which I still have.  I really liked these at the time but they've been living in a battered old suitcase for many years and will probably never see the light of day again!!!

Originally I had glass baubles which they fitted on but after a few 'disasters' I found plastic ones which came apart so some of them have dangles in the middle too.  These are over twenty five years old.  Where does the time go?

5 July 2013

Small trinket box

Again this must be ancient.  Around forty years old, probably.
It was in the days when I craved colour but there were so few in the only available threads - Coats and Twilleys.  This was when I resorted to silk sewing thread.

I was quite pleased with this 'back then' but nowadays wouldn't give it a place outside a drawer or a box in the loft!!!!  Strange how your tastes change over the years!!!

4 July 2013

Twirly once more

So, I got as far as I did on this last post and then decided that rather than try for another round I'd start again!!!!  Yup!!!  
At that point I didn't think the colours did the whole 'thing' justice so decided on the ones below. 

So, once again I present the doily!!!  Now I'm not sure I like these colours either and I'm certainly not happy with the last two rounds yet.   

So, back to the drawing board I go and to the tatting cupboard for new colours too!!!

2 July 2013

Round 5 twirly doily

First I have another TIAS pram on the Tat It And See blog to show you here.  This is number 121.

OK, so here's the next round of this doily!!!  

No, this is NOT what it will look like next time I do it.  This round has a few issues which need to be dealt with - probably with the help of a pair of scissors!!!!!  

I need another round on top of this too.  I'm steadily working on this while distracting you all with other things!!!!  I'm sneaky, really sneaky!!!

1 July 2013

UGLY tatting

This is REALLY UGLY tatting and my second and last attempt in the 70's at needle tatting!  Well, I have tried it since but I still don't 'get it'!!!  Too 'lumpy' for me and also hard on the hands trying to get a decent tension.  It never looks as good as the shuttle versions - least when I've done it.  I've tried very, very hard and ......... well, given up!!!!  
Isn't this the ugliest thing you've ever seen?  I wore it once and that was that.  Daren't even try to remember when or where I wore it but I know it was over a tshirt or something.  Goodness knows why I've still got it after several moves - perhaps as a lesson to myself!!!!  It really should be chucked out as I'd never fit into it now and wouldn't wish it on myself or anybody!!!!  In fact I suppose I should be ashamed of showing it to you!!!  Please don't stop reading my blog - I need you all to keep me going.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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