2 July 2013

Round 5 twirly doily

First I have another TIAS pram on the Tat It And See blog to show you here.  This is number 121.

OK, so here's the next round of this doily!!!  

No, this is NOT what it will look like next time I do it.  This round has a few issues which need to be dealt with - probably with the help of a pair of scissors!!!!!  

I need another round on top of this too.  I'm steadily working on this while distracting you all with other things!!!!  I'm sneaky, really sneaky!!!


Umintsuru said...

Twirly is blooming. Love the touch or apricot.

Sharren - Tatting in Greenwood, South Carolina said...

It's beautiful! The center makes me think of a dahlia - love it!

Maureen said...

Red letter day! - you're designing another doily. I love doilies.

God's Kid said...

Oh, I truly love how beautiful and awesome that is!!! :)

Michelle said...

This one really appeals!

Ladytats said...

This is looking very good. Another Doily sigh... there are so many pretty ones.
I like the thread colors.

JB said...

It's beautiful! Love the color combo.

Batty Tatter said...

Very pretty.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

This looks perfectly fine to me!

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