1 August 2009

Yet another brooch!!

Before I start rambling on about the picture below can I say that I added another way to add a bead to the centre of a ring onto my page yesterday. I added a note about this later on yesterday's blog but those who had read it in 'early UK' time might have missed it!!! Here is the link.

Now this is a story of a pair of earrings that have morphed several times!!

After wearing these motifs as earrings on a few occasions I decided that they were a bit too heavy and 'bulky' for my liking.
Four flowers on each ear? A bit O T T!!!!!

I took them off the hooks and 'linked' them with a safety pin to wear. as a brooch. That's 8 flowers to one brooch!! What a fiddle getting them on and off clothes!!!! So, while I was making up the last brooch I decided I'd 'finish off' this one by adding the 8 flowers to a proper brooch finding.

First, of course, I had to find the darn thing. It'd gone missing!!!
While I was searching I also found another small flower that was in my 'box of completed bits' and added that to the 'ensemble'. Now I'll wear it!!! So, here we have a '9 flower' brooch!!!

30 July 2009

Oh, NO!!!!!

I was reading comments on my posting about adding a bead to the centre of an SR on intatters yesterday evening and realised that people were talking about it as if you could add a bead that way to a ring.

I was just about to point out that this couldn't be done with a ring when who should pop out but 'you know who'.

YES you can use this method (sort of and upside down!) to add a bead to a ring too.

I will draw this up later today and let you know tomorrow when it's ready to go. Meanwhile here is the orginal way extremely well shown by Jennifer.

I'm not sure that the new way will be better but it'll be an alternative!!!!

Later the same day!!!!! Here's a link to the other method!!!!

Lanyard with beaded SR's

Now that I've found this easier way to add beads to the centre of split rings I felt it was time to make my lanyard for Tat Days!!

All I did was work out how many doubles I needed to surround each of the 2 different sized centre beads. I did this by doing a practice run - just to be sure.

Then I added the small beads (alternately) to both threads and started.

The knack, I feel, when doing something like this is to attach each SR to the previous one to avoid twisting. So, this is the way I do it. Well, actually this IS the pattern I used to make the lanyard. I made it in pink. Perhaps you noticed?

R1: 1 vsp 3 - 3 vsp 1 Cl (I left the picot on this first ring so that when I return to the UK I can add a motif to the lanyard thus converting it to a necklace)!!!!
SR2: 1 + (last vsp R1) 5 B 5 vsp 1 / 1 + (1st vsp R1) 5 B 5 vsp 1 Cl
SR3: 1 + (vsp last SR) 3 B 3 vsp 1 / 1 + (vsp last SR) 3 B 3 vsp 1 Cl
SR4: 1 + (vsp last SR) 5 B 5 vsp 1 / 1 + (vsp last SR) 5 B 5 vsp 1 Cl
Continue like this for length required finishing with another ring like ring 1 but joined to previous SR.

27 July 2009

I wonder if this is new?

Thanks to the arrival of my dearest friend (brain cell # 3) I've found a new and neater way of adding a large bead to the centre of an SR.

I say it's 'new' but I know from 65 (and a half!) years on this planet that there's nowt new under the sun!!! That's my
sister's sun, of course!!!

I've always found that the way I've done them before (by pulling the core thread down and adding the bead) made it fiddly to close the SR - AND didn't give me a totally tidy result.

So I fiddled around the other evening and I think I've found a better way.

So, here's what I do now!!!!!

Things that go on behind the scenes!!!

You're probably all bored out of your brains at hearing about Palmetto Tat Days but you're about to hear more!!!

A few days ago all the teachers were asked for a bio about themselves (one with a few unknown facts about themselves if possible).
I said that I was going to look for brain cell # 3 and then I'd be back with the results.

Shortly after Riet thought she spotted the missing cell in her garden!!! He was reported to be looking pale and ill. WHAT was he doing in The Netherlands, I ask myself!!!

Martha Ess then said that if she saw the missing brain cell she was going to keep it!!!!

Erin's solution to her brain cell problem is this -

"I keep my extra brain cells in a bottle of chlorofor
m under the bed. Raymond picks them up at Hobby Lobby for me about twice a year. Unfortunately I go through them rather quickly, and apparently mine are not the same quality as Jane gets over there in England. I hear they have them available in bulk at Walmart, as well."

Then Martha found a brain cell of her own and managed to get it to sit still long enough to be scanned!!! Here it is below!!!!

Meantime Riet is still wondering if they can be grown on trees in the garden - if so she'd like a cutting!!!

I'm wondering if we're all sane enough to be teaching at Palmetto!!!

From earrings to brooch!

Remember these earrings?

Well it's time for a confession!!! I'm always a bit 'ambitious' when designing and I did an extra round on this motif. One too many to make it into an earring!!!! So instead of throwing it into the bin I decided a brooch would be a good idea instead!!!

The flat motif at the top on the brooch finding is one I found in my 'box of bits' and didn't use.
For this (and the earrings) I used Dual Duty thread.

I must find more of this thread when I'm in the U.S. of A. It's a joy to work with.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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