27 July 2009

Things that go on behind the scenes!!!

You're probably all bored out of your brains at hearing about Palmetto Tat Days but you're about to hear more!!!

A few days ago all the teachers were asked for a bio about themselves (one with a few unknown facts about themselves if possible).
I said that I was going to look for brain cell # 3 and then I'd be back with the results.

Shortly after Riet thought she spotted the missing cell in her garden!!! He was reported to be looking pale and ill. WHAT was he doing in The Netherlands, I ask myself!!!

Martha Ess then said that if she saw the missing brain cell she was going to keep it!!!!

Erin's solution to her brain cell problem is this -

"I keep my extra brain cells in a bottle of chlorofor
m under the bed. Raymond picks them up at Hobby Lobby for me about twice a year. Unfortunately I go through them rather quickly, and apparently mine are not the same quality as Jane gets over there in England. I hear they have them available in bulk at Walmart, as well."

Then Martha found a brain cell of her own and managed to get it to sit still long enough to be scanned!!! Here it is below!!!!

Meantime Riet is still wondering if they can be grown on trees in the garden - if so she'd like a cutting!!!

I'm wondering if we're all sane enough to be teaching at Palmetto!!!


Sally Kerson said...

NO! is the answer to the last question. he he

Miranda said...

Cute neuron, whomever it belongs to. I work on a neuro ICU, so now I'm definitely going to have to make one. I know a few neurosurgeons who need some more brain cells.

tattrldy said...

Very cute and pink to boot! I've always envied you your brain cell #3 - now I can have one of my very own. Thank you, thank you!!

Fox said...

I like the new look!

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

What a neat looking neuron. It is perfect Martha...now all Janey, O Janey...you need to make a bunch of them and tie them together and wear them around your neck so you will always have your brain cells all firing at the same time. By tieing them in a group together and putting them around your neck you won't have to ask...what ever happened to my brain...I seem to have lost it....

Tatskool said...

Oh! I LOVE Martha's Brain cell, can we all make some, it might do no end of good.

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