4 May 2018

Gold thread 1

When I was at the Gloucester Tatting day last month I bought some of the new Liz metallic thread from Barbara at Tatting and Design who was the supplier for the day. I just bought the one ball as I wasn't sure how I would like it although I did buy two other balls for Sally!!!

I've made this lovely star by Rosemarie Peel with it. Sadly, as others have found out, it doesn't take a good photo or scan. It really, really does glitter and sparkle very well indeed. 

Now it's not an easy tat and has to be treated with a little more care that usual. It doesn't break and the metallic glittery element running through it doesn't break either which is a huge bonus. It's just a little 'stiff' to turn the knots. Having said that - I quickly got used to it!!! 

I personally don't like the Altin Basak glittery thread which used to be available (can't find the link right now) as the sparkly element in that does break and very easily too. BUT I think my favourite of all time is the Nakis Simi thread which you can find here under Oren Bayan Metallic. That one really rocks my boat in the nicest possible way. 

Whatever you think I still think we ALL ought to say the biggest 'thank you' to Barb at Handy Hands for taking courage and huge risks in finding the manufacturers in China who were prepared to listen to her and make the threads for us all. This was at a time when lots of manufacturers were stopping their production of tatting/crochet threads.  So, once again, Barb - thank YOU for going to all the trouble of giving us Lizbeth and Liz thread. I love them.  

3 May 2018

Knitted worry glove puppet

Just for a change I decided to knit a worry glove puppet. 

This is an idea I got from a friend who's daughter works with children. I've done some local research and have found an outlet for them which I hope to get the Tuesday craft group interested in. 

We've been making fiddle muffs for dementia residents in local homes and it would be lovely to go to the other extreme and start to help out local young kiddies too. This puppet has a smiley face on one side and a sad one on the other. Hopefully this will help children talk about the situations they may find themselves in.

Next project now is to make a crochet one as I prefer crochet to knitting!!!! I've now got this one as a 'template' so making another with a hook should be pretty straightforward - I HOPE!!!!

2 May 2018

Back to the new idea!!!!

This is the way I work - I do something, forget it, go back to it, play more and repeat this process until I've got it how I want it!!!

In the last 'incarnation' of this idea (link to post) I'd used lock chains all round the outside but I didn't like that!!!! So this is virtually the same but with ordinary chains instead of some of the lock ones!!!

Now I really, really ought to check it again to look for any small changes.  I've asked Pigmini (Sue) for help with naming it and she's come up with a great idea - the Celtic Ferris Wheel.  At least it's got a proper name.  As you know I'm hopeless at naming things so it's good to have a proper brain to help out - thanks, Sue.

1 May 2018

Japanese lady

Now this little Japanese lady was made in a real hurry for Georgia last year. Just found her lurking in a corner of my computer!!!!

Georgia wanted a Japanese lady pattern so that it could be made and added to the squares that people took home to do for the quilt project.  This is a huge undertaking that she organises for the Palmetto Tatting Guild each year. How she manages to get it all together is beyond me but she does.  Big thanks to all those who commit to doing a square too.

Anyway I bet there maybe one or two people 'out there' who may like her. If so here's the link and she can also be found under the 'people' section on the web site.

30 April 2018

4 little teapots

Now I'm NOT going to tell you why I've made these but I will say that they're part of a larger project. All will be revealed in due course but due course isn't any time soon!!! Tat's all I'm saying!!!

These little darlings are from Martha's teapot book which I love. I slightly changed two of them (the ones on the left) by adding beads - like you do!!!! They're a joy to work as are all Martha's patterns.

Bet you want to know where to get the book from? Shall I tell you or should I let you ask Mr Google? 

Ah, better tell you as Mr Google likes to have a snooze from time to time. You can get it from Tatting Corner, or Handy Hands, in America but I can't yet find it in the UK. I'm sure if you asked Martha directly (email me for her address) then she'd help you out.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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