11 June 2016

A few days later!!!

In case you didn't know - registration is now up for Palmetto Tat Days.    I've sorted mine out and now need to start packing.  YES, I do start early as there's so many odds and ends to think of!!!  The bestest news is that Martha Ess has agreed to room with me again.  I can't have been too bad a roommate last time after all!!!

A few days later and I have another seven brooches. They just need packaging and putting in my 'going to America' (or Canada!) place!!! Not the best of photos but I can assure you they sparkle and twinkle. 

Now to find the zip bags and card to pin them on.

9 June 2016


Anybody out in Tat Land want to try out the destructions for the necklace that I showed yesterday? Only needs an hour or so to see if you can follow the idea. 

Not so much a 'pattern' but more a technique which has been used in the past and can be taken further. Involves a bead in the centre of a SCMR.

8 June 2016

Continuing Re-recycling

Remember this post about re-recycling?  This is the original which went 'under the scissors'!!  Well, this is what happened after a fair bit of 'tatting around' and tryouts.  It turned out eventually to be a quick tat and very, very stunning, I think!

BUT I still have more Cornelian beads and, of course, thread!!! What do you think to a bracelet and earrings to match? Well I think that's what I'll do next. 

After seeing and making 'fancy' necklaces etc there's something to be said for the sheer simplicity of this design. 

Do you think I ought to write down the 'how to' on this or is it obvious as to how it's been made?

7 June 2016

Look what I found

I'd really forgotten about these and I found them when tidying up another 'spot' in the house!!! I was going to make lots of brooches to sell in the vending room at Tat Days as it helps fund the trip. The cost of flights and insurance never seems to get any less - in fact it seems to escalate!!!

So, I have 13 - a good round number to take would be 20, though so I feel some more tatting coming on!!!  

I'll sell them really cheaply just so I have room in the suitcase to get more - no, not going to mention the two addictions. No, I'm NOT. 

Oh, OK, thread and beads!!!!

6 June 2016

Round 3 of the Fandango square

This round is done so one more to go before I get the pattern up online. 

This time I'm using size 20 thread and it's quite a 'shock' after the size 40!!! I like it, though!!

I'm going to plod along and get the final round done now so that I can get the whole lot put together. I usually have two or three projects on the go and this tends to slow things up too!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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