31 December 2013

Fantasy Flower 2

Tomorrow I'll announce the start date of the Tat It And See.  Keep an eye open as the link to the introduction will be on that post.
Although both pictures are of the same motif the lower one was taken while it was still damp after a quick press under a cloth!!!!  Also it was taken later in the day when the sun (what little we see of it) had gone in behind the clouds.  Weird the way colours change.

I'm still checking out the pattern as the text takes ages for me to 'get right' - or as near 'right' as I think I can get.  I think I'll work one more as I've still got loads of beads around me in tat corner!!!
This is the front
and this is the back

30 December 2013

The final box

This is IT.  The final box.  

Guess what?  I'm almost tempted to go and buy more of them as they are such fun to do and I know that just before Christmas there were some black fabric ones in the shop.  

Problem is that fighting the invisible thread can cause OG's to nearly meltdown!!!

28 December 2013

Just for a change!

As I regularly do - I decided that I ought to re-visit this pattern and I'm glad I did.  This is the first of several trials I'm doing of the Fantasy Flower. 

The main reason for looking this pattern over again is to see if I can improve it's 'understandability'!!!!  I'll need to do the drawings again as the originals were done on a PC and now I use a Mac so the software didn't 'transfer'.  Mind, I do like drawing on the computer - very therapeutic but hard too when you have thread and shuttles wound round your hands as well!!!

This isn't a very good picture as it was scanned.  I'll try for a better one later using the camera!!

27 December 2013

Final box started

Before I start I'd like to show you number 126 of the 2013 Tat It And See from Anne-Mare.  I'll shortly be announcing the start date of the TIAS 2014.  Are there anymore prams still to come?  Not that it matters particularly!!!

Roughly flung onto the scanner are the first two 'parts' of the final box!!!  Again I've gone back to using the beads that came off the original one so they're really re-purposed.  

When I pop my clogs I'm hoping I'll be thrown into the recycling box which the council collect every fortnight!  Problem is - I'll have to 'smallerise' myself first to be able to fit into the bin!!!

24 December 2013

Two bracelets

Well I doubt you'll hear from me for a day or two and I'm not going to explain why either!!!  Oh, alright I will.  

It's because there'll be nobody around to read my ramblings as most of you will be celebrating Christmas.  I'll not be going ANYWHERE.  Not even 'down the town' to buy the milk and a newspaper for Nick.  For us it's a designated two days for eating and drinking too much, falling asleep in the chair and most importantly - the giving of presents.  Which brings me to these two below.

A couple of bracelets made for a neighbour and her daughter.  I really enjoy making these and especially for this lass who I've been helping with her crochet.  Well, here's the link if you want to make one.  Easy peasy once you know how to do the single shuttle split ring (SSSR).

23 December 2013

A special card

Now I just had to show you this Christmas card which came from a well known tatter who lives in Scotland.

It came from Lindsay Rogers who is the author of several tatting pattern books and who is specially well known for her Tatting Collage designs in the book of that name.  I can't give you any links as she's not active online but if you put 'Lindsay Rogers tatting' into google you'll find lots of places you can find her books.

We have often exchanged letters in the past as I don't think Lindsay uses a computer.  Look at this lovely tatting and see how it enhances an already pretty card.

21 December 2013

Another box done and dusted.

Another finished.  I was a bit concerned that this one wouldn't work.  It's not a colour that really appealed to me but then I ought to know by now that Lizbeth threads always look good if you have the courage to give them a try!!!

Yesterday I wandered round the shop where I got the little boxes from and they've still got some left in this peacock blue colour and also some new ones - in black.  Rather like the ones I did earlier this year.  

I was SUCH a good old git and I managed not to be tempted - but it was hard, very hard!!!

20 December 2013

Another box and I'm bored!

A change from the diamond studded motifs now and onto something new.  I get bored very easily!!!

This time I took the first part of the 3D snowflake which is here and 'messed about' with it a bit!!! Well, only a bit as you can see!!  I put a bead in the middle (swarovski type) and a long beaded picot between the rings.  I extended the chain's long beaded picots too - just because I could!!!!

19 December 2013

The next box is finished

Ta de dah!!!!!  I announce the arrival of another box - finished and ready for my plans!!!!

Now to be honest I did the top of this box a week or so ago so the edging, sides and sewing have been done a while too.  

It takes me most of an evening to do the large motif and then another half an evening to do the edging.  The sewing is done in the afternoons when I've got a bit of natural light and the concentration to do it.  Least that's the theory!

18 December 2013

Starting another adventure!!!!

Now here's another motif (diamond studded again) ready for another of the boxes.  

This time to make life more interesting I've used a swarovski crystal bead in the second long beaded picot.  Again the picture isn't that good but you can blame my scanner for that.  Least I'm not sure it is the scanner itself or whether it's the driver!!!  I've been looking for an updated driver for that since I downloaded Maverick.  Ah well these things take time and are sent to try an OG!!!!

17 December 2013

First box finished.

Here is the finished box which I showed you with this dreadful photo back here!!!

I was really ashamed of that picture but I'm pleased now with the finished box.  I do have a plan for all these but I'm not going to say what it is yet!!!!  

An added advantage of making them is the fact that it keeps me quiet for hours and gives lots of practice sewing with the invisible thread!!!

Please take note of the diamond (cough, cough, splutter, splutter) right in the middle and the fact that with this Lizbeth thread I have actually re-used some of the beads and sequins.  

Right - onto the next one.  What thread will I use and how long will the geckos be kept at bay?

16 December 2013

Another play!

As I promised on Saturday - another play with Frivole's Celeste pattern!!  

Has anybody EVER told y'all in Tat Land that you can NEVER have enough beads?  Well, if you haven't been told before then I'm telling you now!!!!

Since the birth of the long beaded picot life is so much easier.  

With Celeste I only had to work out how many to put on the threads for the beads on the core thread.  When it came to the LBP's I added the lavender intermixed with clear beads.  Job done!!!!

14 December 2013

Playing with Celeste

I was lucky enough to win a copy of Frivole's pattern - Celeste in her recent giveaway.  So pretty.

Well I looked and looked at it but just couldn't pluck up the courage to make picot gauges.  I tatted for all those years (pre-internet) without ever using one (because I'd never heard of them!) and couldn't see why I'd need them for regular tatting.  Actually I wonder when gauges were invented - anybody got the answer to that?  

Anyway, the answer to my problem (with apologies to Frivole) was to make the long picots into long beaded picots as they act as a foolproof (well it is an OG tatting it) gauge without the hassle of finding an old credit card to make a 'real' gauge!!!

I think this motif (see below) is stunning.  I'm going to make another with beads in the centre too and more on the outside instead of picots.  Just need BC3 to help me work out the numbers on each shuttle but I'm sure he'll manage that!!  The beads mean that it keeps it's shape very well too - I haven't even pressed this one yet and honestly don't think it really needs to see an iron either!!!!

13 December 2013

Progress on the latest box

This is SUCH a bad picture.   I apologise.

This is for the top of the box that I showed you here.  You can't see in this lousy picture that I used the beads that I cut off the original.  I also used a doodad with a 'diamond' in the centre for this design.  I 'rescued' these from pairs of earrings that I bought from Asda a few years ago.  Bargain too as they were in the sale.  Right sort of 'diamonds' for me too - fake!!!!

Promise I'll make sure the next picture is a lot better.

12 December 2013

How to keep an OG stimulated!

So, it's nearly Christmas but it came early yesterday!!!!  A package I'd ordered from Amazon for my grandson, another I picked up from Lakeland to replace the gift for Nick that I returned last week etc etc.  

BUT there was also a package for MEEEEE.  All the way from America too.  Thanks, EttaJ - that'll keep an OG inspired for ages.  Just having a few problems with Nick, though.  I gave him a Mary Jane sweet (they're yummmmyyyyy) and he's now convinced they also say 'Nick' on them.

Before I finish.  I must tell you the story of Nick's returned present.  I bought it last Saturday and smuggled it into the house.  He came out of the kitchen with a big grin on his face to show me what had just arrived from Amazon - it was the same as I'd just bought him.  

I took it back to the shop and asked the girl if I could have a refund as my partner had bought himself one off Amazon.  Of course, she said.  What is it?  I produced the sink plunger out of my bag but she was lost after that in a fit of giggles.  You can tell I think a lot of the guy - it's not everybody who buys somebody they love a sink plunger!!!

11 December 2013

Little boxes once again!

Wandering through the shop in town a few weeks ago I spotted more of these boxes.

Well I succumbed as usual and came home with a few.  They look lovely as they are but the scissors came out and the first one 'got naked'!!!

Now, what shall I do next?!?!?

Must say that I've kept the beads and sequins (well, those that didn't take a dive off my lap into oblivion and finally the hoover) so they could well be re-used.  Watch this space!!!   

Well, the space between my two ears where BC3 lives!!!

10 December 2013

Another snowflake in a flurry!!!

This is another almost the same as this one but that had gold beads and this has clear ones.  

I have a son in law who nags me unmercifully for tatted bits to go on their tree.  Bless his cotton socks as he and his mum are the only ones who display my work at Christmas!!!  I certainly don't as the bits and bobs are somewhere in 'that' box in a cupboard somewhere!!!!  

So pleasing that somebody can be bothered to use them!!!!

9 December 2013


I have a  habit.  No, not a nasty or unpleasant one, even.  It's a habit I simply can't seem to kick!!!  

When I first started tatting the only thing my gran could suggest was doing hanky edgings.  Wonderful for practice but not very inspiring for a 13 year old!!!!  In fact they're just plain BORING!!!

BUT that's now my 'go to' thing when I've finished whatever task I've set myself for the evening.  I seem to always have one at the side of my chair.  This is the latest one.  

They simply HAVE to be done in a size 80 thread.  Nothing else will do.  This is the 'oh so simple' edging which can be found here.  It really is simple and grows pretty quickly too giving a good depth to the hanky as well.  So, this one's finished and I've already got out colours for the next one!!!

7 December 2013

Just when you thought it was all over

Yet another gecko!!!!

This one's for Sharren Morgan who asked whether I'd used this colour of thread.  Well I hadn't - but now I have!!!  It's Lizbeth number 164 - Blue River Glades.  

I'm still doing the geckos with no real idea on what they're going to be used for - but plans are now beginning to form in BC3's little bit of my brain.

I'm wondering whether to put them on clothing as I've said before - OR to explore the possibility of making bags for them to live on!!!!  Those would have to wait for the 'sewing season' which starts again in the Spring when it'll again (hopefully!) be warm enough to have the sewing machine out in the conservatory again.  The problems of living in a 'not very big' terraced house!!!!

5 December 2013

Snowflake in a flurry!

Now it's on to snowflakes.  So many choices but as usual I thought I'd check over another of my older patterns.  There were two or three spaces missing on this one which have now been corrected!!

This one was designed with two colours in mind but I've always been meaning to try it out in just one colour.  Thus a white snowflake with gold beads.  I quite like it but prefer colours - an OG can never have enough colour in her life!!!

4 December 2013

Two more.

AHA, that fooled you.  Bet you thought it was going to be 'two more geckos'!!!!

No, I've succumbed to the season which is now upon us!!!!  I'm making trees yet again!!!  These will be given away as long as I get roundtoit and find them again as I'm a top notch loser of everything - including my marbles!!!

The pattern is on my site as you know.  Just needed to test them again - well, that's another of my excuses!!!! 

3 December 2013

Almost running out of steam!

Another gecko made this time with Lizbeth 133 - Razzle Dazzle!

I'm also making other things too but usually manage to forget where I've left them.  

I spent nearly all day on Sunday uploading the new TIAS (Tat It And See) onto my web site and checking all the links.  A major task which I was SO pleased to see finished.  NO, I'm not telling a soul what it is except that it's not hard!!!!

2 December 2013

Talking to trees!!!

Well it's 'that' time of year again - Christmas.  Although we don't do much on that day or two of the year it's always a good excuse to eat, drink and - well, do not a lot!!!  

I usually send out a few cards and a few letters, although I must admit I tend to put those off til the last minute and often forget altogether!!!!  So yesterday I decided to get things done early this year.  I started with counting trees as they'll be going in with the letters.  Whoooops - not enough!!  So time to make a few more from this pattern.

The first one below is now a brooch - OK, not what I intended to do but that's the way things work in this part of Tat Land!!  All I did was tie the finishing threads behind the star, stiffen and then tie a safety pin to the back - behind the button.  Job done!

The second one was - well, as I intended!!!!  Looks like I'll have to pay attention to the star button as I've not tightened it up yet.  Too late in the evening when I finished it I guess!

30 November 2013


Here's yet another gecko.  They're all lining up glaring at me as they have no purpose in life - not yet!!!  I've still no idea what I'm going to do with them!!

This one is made in Lizbeth's Arctic Waters.  Makes you feel cold just thinking of icy water, doesn't it?

When I'm over this phase I'll pop them all together on the scanner or take a photo of them.  I'm still not over the addiction yet, though so be warned - there are more to come, I think!!!

28 November 2013

Another ordinary day

Just another ordinary Thursday in my part of Tat Land.  The usual 'stuff'.  The weekly grocery shopping, avoiding housework and trying to keep warm!!!

Over in America it's Thanksgiving.  Hope you all have fun, lots of lovely things to eat and time with family and friends.  

Remember those in the back of beyond here in England who don't have any fun all day!

27 November 2013

Another box!

This is the second box.  I forgot to scan the heart before I sewed it on - stupid old git!!!  The thread is another Lizbeth one but I can't remember which one - sorry.  All I can tell you is that it looks a LOT better in real life than on these pictures.

I was walking through town the other day and wandered into the shop where I got the boxes from.  Lo and behold - more boxes but in a wonderful deep green colour.  You can guess what I did - yes, bought more!!!  Now I've set myself an even bigger task.  

I'll show you the new ones sometime.

26 November 2013

What I tat

Somebody mentioned to me the other day that I only seem to tat my own patterns.  Well, that's not quite true as I do venture off to 'pastures new' and I do help out with test tatting quite frequently as well.  I'm also regularly tempted back to do things I tatted in my teens as those intrigue me.  They pull me back as I want to see if I still like them and also love to see them done in colours - there were no colours when I was a kid or a very limited selection!!!

I spent over thirty years tatting anything I could find before I started out on my own 'stuff'.  I also (sad to say) like the way I write patterns down and don't like old fashioned notation or some of the new ways when patterns are written using 'new' names for well known techniques.  'Just diagram' patterns annoy me intensely so those I avoid like the plague!!!

Another reason - I don't like to spend too much time looking at other designs is in case they influence me and inadvertently cause me to step on another person's toes!!!!

So, what to do next?  Well I'm playing.  Playing with something that I've been drawn towards for a month or so.  More later!!

25 November 2013

Two snowflakes

Well I suppose it had to happen to me one day!!!  Conformity is the word I'm looking for!  I'm conforming to the traditional idea of white snowflakes!!!  It wasn't too painful either in the end.  Just had to have a serious talk to BC3 and persuade him that it wouldn't hurt too much.  

Well yesterday was spent packaging up the shuttles and after I've had breakfast in a few minute's time I'll be trotting off down to the Post Office.  Nick's offered to make me a flask of coffee and a cheese sandwich to keep me going while I'm there!!!!  

23 November 2013


Just a quick post today to remind anybody who's interested that the shuttles seen here (plus more - see this list) will be on sale today at 20.00 GMT.
That's all I've go to say today.  Tomorrow I hope to be packing, labelling and sorting shuttles to go to all parts of the world.

22 November 2013

Another gecko

First of all I'd like to announce another pram - number 125 on the Tat It And See blog.  You'll  see that I've been fiddling with that blog as I got bored with the colours and thought it needed a new paint job!!!!  I may change it again, though!!!  Watch that space!!!

So, today I have another gecko.  I'm still in a gecko mood although I'm trying to kick the habit!!!  This one is done in Lizbeth 108 - Sherbert Delight.

20 November 2013

My finished box.

Back to talking about this, this and this!!!

So, here's the finished box.  Number one of two.  I used the Flurry Heartache for the top and a simple edging.  On the sides are small motifs which I stuck on.  

To put everything together I first stitched the heart onto the piece of black fabric.  

Then I stitched the inner edge of the edging to it too.  

Finally I sewed the picots on the outer edge of the edging to the actual box.  Fiddly and not helped by my usual self punishment of using invisible sewing thread!!!  One day I'll learn NOT to use that but use something I can actually SEEEEEE!!  It needs to be done during daylight hours and also with a good light on too.  Still it's done - now to find the other box and do that too!!!!

19 November 2013

For those who asked!

I apologise to anybody who doesn't know me and my blog very well but I tend to ramble in my own little world on here and forget that people actually take the time to read it!!!!!!
I've had a few private emails plus a comment on yesterday's blog post asking what the Pop A Bobbin Shuttles look like.

I'll put one or two below but if you look at the page tabs above this post you'll see that there are pages with those and the hooks with hats on etc 'up there'.

18 November 2013

A box full of goodies!!

'Im in the garage arrived 'Chez Eborall' on Friday afternoon with a box full of 'goodies'!!!  

Shuttles GALORE with some that are to die for.  I kept the drool off them with difficulty!!!

This is a list of what I've got:-
2 PURPLEHEART $32.70 each
3 ZEBRANO $32.70 each
5 CHERRY $28.00 each
2 PEAR $28.00 each
2 APPLE $28.00 each
3 OREGAN MYRTLE $28.00 each
1 SEQUOIA $28.00 each (no hook)
1 IROKO $28.00 each (no hook)
1 IROKO $28.50 each
6 HOLLY (3” long) $21.50 each
6 PEAR (3” long) $21.50 each
7 TEAK $10 each
6 ROSEWOOD $10 each
5 ASH $10 each
Ebony (0.4) $10

They will go 'live' in my Etsy shop on Saturday 23rd November at 20.00 GMT.  This will be the last batch before Christmas and the New Year.  Sally couldn't keep him locked in the garage any longer as he was trying to burrow a tunnel under the garage wall!!!!!

16 November 2013

Back to geckos again!!!!!

Just for a change - another gecko!!!  Sometimes 'a change is as good as a rest' when I've had a spate of sorting other stuff out.

I've become addicted to this way of block tatting so am seriously thinking of doing more things 'on the block', as Martha would say!!!  

In case you don't know where the gecko is - here's the link.

This one is worked in Lizbeth Mountain Breeze.

15 November 2013

Final snowflake - I think!!!

Why is it that when I first designed this snowflake back in 2002 I didn't make many?  Perhaps I should never have put the pattern on my site back then as it's sort of haunted me as I knew it wasn't 'quite right'!!!
It's taken me all this time to get back to sorting it and now I've done it I've got into a rut of making them!!!!  

Maybe this will be the last - there are two others you haven't seen as they were 'trial' ones.  Anyway - here are a couple of pictures - just for eye candy. 

Now, what shall I play with next?!?!?!

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Happy Beaks
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