20 November 2020

Rock and Roll

No, no, NO!!!  I mean Slope and Roll.  Sheesh - send for BC3 FAST!!!
Seriously now.  Today I'm putting a new page on my pattern pages to show the slope and roll join.

This join was originally shown by Deb Arnold but I can't find a link to her very clear diagram and page about it.   In fact I can't even find her shop anymore which is a shame.  The link from a google search took me to a blank page.

This join is particularly useful if you want/need the core shuttle thread to keep 'on the move' in the join and can replace the lock join to also give a smoother looking join.  

It's a great technique for an onion ring too.  Which reminds me on to tell you that over the weekend I'll be working on getting the onion ring page up on the web site too.  Yes, I've covered this before but that was before I got into a great discussion about onion rings with Judith Connors.  More next week.

18 November 2020

56 motifs done!

Now this measures 10½” x 11½” and I'm trying to decide what to do with it still.

I've had this totally RIDICULOUS idea of making it into a poncho.  How STOOOOOOOOOOOOPID is that?  

I worked it out yesterday and this part is almost ¼ of the way to being a poncho but my new problem will soon be - how much thread will it now need?  I'm rapidly getting down my stock of odds and ends. 

I'm going to do another row and then take a careful stock check of what I've got.  If I'm not careful I'll be finding I've got none of some colours left!!!

16 November 2020

The psychology of tatting

Well, maybe!!!
I was pondering about the whole psychology of this lace or any other craft, come to that.  

I read a lot of blogs and Facebook posts and sadly the main ‘aim’ it seems to me is quick gratification. By that, I mean, people mainly want something small and fast to make.  

This intrigues me as I’ve never felt that way about anything in life.  I’m happy to wait for gratification in all aspects of my life.  I’ll wait for anything.  If I order something online, or in a queue in a shop, waiting for a bus, etc, I don’t mind how long it takes - the anticipation is what makes my adrenaline flow.  I feel almost deflated when the item arrives or I get to the front of the queue.

I occasionally like to make something that only takes an evening but then I’m left with that feeling of ‘what’s next’?  So, to cope with my weird way of dealing with tatting projects is to have two projects (sometimes three) ‘on the go’.  One a short term one and the other a longer one - although I never commit totally to how long that long term one may be as at my age (77) you never know how long ‘long’ will take and if you’ll be around to finish.

So, I would say to the younger generation - make a commitment.  Both to what you’re making now and your life in general.  

Does that make sense and would you like a picture to liven this post up?

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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