24 May 2014

Wrap it Bookmarks

It's some time since I came up with this idea of making bookmarks which are NOT easy to lose!!! They're not only not easy to lose but the place in your book is kept well too. I use one all the time now.  I called them the Wrap It, Flip It and Mark It bookmark.  You wrap the cord round the back cover of the book (fixed with velcro and adjustable) and then flip the motif into the book when you want to mark your place.

So, I've sold a few and still have some here in my Etsy shop.

The thing is that once used they seem to be popular and I've had orders from a returning customer for these. Well she's going to choose what she wants from these and some more I've made which I'll show you next week.

23 May 2014

Fandango ing again!!!

Bit late getting this post out this morning!!! Trying to play catch up with myself which I'll tell you all about when I find time to tell!!!

This is the final (for now) bookmark unless a few other friends come along to our get together. 

It's a nightmare arranging things by letter and phone although the person who lives the furthest away (Tasmania) is on email. 

I wish everybody was 'internet friendly' and it makes me even more pleased that I teach computer skills to other OG's like me on a Wednesday morning!!!!

22 May 2014

New idea!!!

When I was rummaging in my sewing stuff I found a stash of 5" zips (or thereabouts) which had come with a bulk buy of Roly Poly zips and which are unsuitable for that!!!

So, what to do with them? Well, this is what happened!!!

Now please bear in mind that this was the first one of this idea and that I was trying to follow an online video on how to make them. This is NOT an original idea - just one that I fell for!!!

Several places had tutorials on 'how to' but they all confused BC3 so as usual we had to learn by our mistakes!!! This one has the seams showing in the lining AND it had to be taken apart several times!!! I was going to cut the zip out and start again but unfortunately I found myself USING the little bag so now it's MINE!!!!!

I'm going to make more of these now I think I've got the 'hang' of them!!!! When I've got a few done I may list them in the Etsy shop - thats if they don't start getting used too!!!

21 May 2014

Tat Days Teachers.

OK, it's official!!! The list of teachers is now up on the Palmetto Tatter's website here.

I think the poor Palmetto organisers are totally fed up with me asking who else was going but in the end my nagging has paid off!!!!!  The list is below - without my name on it as you know already that I'm going!!!!!

I reckon this is the biggest span of teachers ever and I can't wait for the teacher's meeting on the Thursday to meet my mates. 

Randy Houtz USA
Victoria Clarke Canada
Martha Ess USA
Georgia Seitz USA
Nina Libin USA
Erin Holloway Moseley USA
Karey Solomon USA
Sharren S. Morgan USA
Sandra Eichelberger USA
Sally Biggers USA
Tonya Smith USA
Shawna Wachs USA
Donna Thompson USA
Pam Freck USA

20 May 2014

Bags of time!!!

Well now that the shuttles have gone for a while I've got time to do some bag making!!! I have seven Roly Poly sized zips left so when I've done those I'm going to stop!!! Weeeelllll, that's the plan at the moment but I know that BC3 can easily change his mind!!!

I did have a change the other day and made this other Dorset style bag. Diane's the expert at these (along with Mary Konior's spinning wheel mat) and she gifted me one last year (or, was it the year before?). I've made these in the past but not for sale - just for myself or as gifts. 

I'm thinking of not putting any of the sewing in my shop just yet. I may well take them to Tat Days with me to put in the vending room. Watch this space!!!!

19 May 2014


Well that was a weekend and a half!!!! I listed the shuttles as promised and this time they seemed to go even faster. Unless it was my imagination!!

I got a tad confused at one point as I couldn't work out what was happening to the credit card payments - I'd recently set the shop to take payments that way. Soon found the right link so that was OK. 

Then there were the odd people who'd pressed the wrong button and landed up with the wrong shuttle so that money had to be refunded and the shuttle re-listed. Not a big problem, really. 

I spent all Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning packing them up. When I've done that I then have to check them before closing the packages. Imagine my horror when I had one shuttle showing it had been bought and no shuttle in my box!!!! Darn stinker had decided to hide itself on the floor. Then another went missing - that was in a packet where I'd had a re-list to do and I hadn't taken that shuttle out again!!! 

The relief when it all works out is amazing. I've still got to work out the rest of the costings (I keep a spreadsheet for Sally) and then send her the money I've collected for her. OH, before that - I've got to go down to the Post Office. Hope there isn't too long a queue behind me when I get served as I feel daggers being thrown at me!!!

Here's a Fandango bookmark to cheer you up!!!!

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Happy Beaks
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