22 May 2014

New idea!!!

When I was rummaging in my sewing stuff I found a stash of 5" zips (or thereabouts) which had come with a bulk buy of Roly Poly zips and which are unsuitable for that!!!

So, what to do with them? Well, this is what happened!!!

Now please bear in mind that this was the first one of this idea and that I was trying to follow an online video on how to make them. This is NOT an original idea - just one that I fell for!!!

Several places had tutorials on 'how to' but they all confused BC3 so as usual we had to learn by our mistakes!!! This one has the seams showing in the lining AND it had to be taken apart several times!!! I was going to cut the zip out and start again but unfortunately I found myself USING the little bag so now it's MINE!!!!!

I'm going to make more of these now I think I've got the 'hang' of them!!!! When I've got a few done I may list them in the Etsy shop - thats if they don't start getting used too!!!


Ladytats said...

Very good looking bag, with the zip in the center it is much easier to find the little things that get lost in the corners at the bottom. Smart.

Jane McLellan said...

A sweet little bag, just the thing for carrying tatting about.

Batty Tatter said...

That is a very sweet bag. I love the puzzle print. Adorable.

vingerhoedje said...

would love one, with the print of thimbles :)

vingerhoedje said...

would love one with the print of thimbles :)

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Not that I need another bag, but this looks like one I might purchase just because it's so cute!

Pigmini said...

Me like!! Methinks me's'll have to treat me!!! Lol

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