21 August 2010

Here it is!!!

This is my first 'decent' rendering of the snowflake which I showed you being constructed!!!

Well, I didn't know then that it would become a snowflake, did I?  This is really easy and is worked in one 'hit' as usual.

The only 'complicated' part is the SCMR and the fact that you do a bit of 'hanky panky' with the chains!!!  All will become clear when I've finished sorting it out

It may also change a bit as I get bored with it!!!  I can 'see' other possibilities!!! Perhaps the button will return - who knows?  Certainly not me!!!!!

20 August 2010

Roly poly again!!!

A few more that will be in my shop as soon as I can get them there!!  

I'm hoping to find time later today - IF I don't find too many people to gossip to when I'm down in the town shopping!!!!  

HOTP - managed to get two sets (purple and paws) uploaded before I posted this 'edition' of my blog!!!!!

19 August 2010

An insight into my mind!!!

Read no further if  you don't want to be shocked!!

OK, so you do want to spoil your day?  Here goes.

Below are some of the 'experiments' for the next idea of mine!!!  I cannot start with drawings or any form of logic sometimes as I never truly know where the start is going to end.  Bit like life, really!!!!

I do like to add something slightly new to each effort - just to make MY life more interesting.  

This is the start of what I THINK will be my Christmas giveaway.  I think I'll start with a button but then again I'm not totally sure as you can see in the last attempt!!!

18 August 2010

A change of direction!!

Just for a day, I promise!!! 

Remember that HUGE parcel of fabric that Carolyn so kindly sent me?  Well amongst it was a piece that just shouted ABBI at me.  She's my VERY pink granddaughter.  Nothing counts except PINK!!!!  I think she'll be tickled pink  (dreadful pun!!!) with this cushion.  Here it is.  

So, having made her a cushion (daughter's suggestion!) I had to make big brother one too!!!  His is below and and may give him paws for thought - will it ever stop (the dreadful puns)?  

Think it's time I got showered and dressed before I spoil everybody's day with grotty jokes!!!!  I even heard myself groan at the second one!!!!!

17 August 2010

More roly poly bags.

After a dirth of picture yesterday you're going to get an overdose today!!!!

Slowly I'm getting last week's sewing 'stint' sorted and listed in Etsy.  Here are three sets that are now in the shop!!!!  My favourite of these fabrics is the baby one.  They really are just SO cute and it'll be the only set as there's no more of this fabric.  Maybe enough for another pouch but that's all.

Whoops, since I prepared this post yesterday the set at the bottom has sold!!!  I hope to list some more sets over the next few days - they're ready but I've been 'chasing my tail' again this week!!!!

16 August 2010


No tatting or sewing to show today as I've been busy, busy, busy doing other 'stuff'.

So what HAVE I been up to?  Well, a few months ago, I managed to mess up my home page and it became toooo wide for a lot of monitors.  My mate Gina told me about it and she helped me try to fix it but it didn't 'happen'.  For one thing I use the 'hit and miss' method for this sort of thing (just like designing tatting, really!) and another was other stuff happening in my life.

So, having got Jane's necklace finished and put up - here's the link - I made brain cell number 3 come out to play and CONCENTRATE on what he was doing!!!!  

Oh, I've also got two other pages sorted too.  The kiwi which is here and a 'how to' page here which sort of 'goes with it'.

So, tomorrow I'll hopefully have time to take photos of the roly poly bags I'll shortly be listing in Etsy!!!!

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