18 August 2010

A change of direction!!

Just for a day, I promise!!! 

Remember that HUGE parcel of fabric that Carolyn so kindly sent me?  Well amongst it was a piece that just shouted ABBI at me.  She's my VERY pink granddaughter.  Nothing counts except PINK!!!!  I think she'll be tickled pink  (dreadful pun!!!) with this cushion.  Here it is.  

So, having made her a cushion (daughter's suggestion!) I had to make big brother one too!!!  His is below and and may give him paws for thought - will it ever stop (the dreadful puns)?  

Think it's time I got showered and dressed before I spoil everybody's day with grotty jokes!!!!  I even heard myself groan at the second one!!!!!


Maureen said...

Fun cushions! - but aren't you going to tat an edge to go around them....... :)

IsDihara said...

Marvelous cushions! Just right for resting your head and snuggling. Great job, Jane!

Tatman said...

Pretty cushions you made!

I like groaners(puns). My family prides themselves dishing out groaners when the situation calls for it. My uncle is a walking pun machine! Sometimes it gets old LOL!

Margarets designer cards said...

Great cushions, love the pink ones. Margaret

tattrldy said...

The cushions look great. Bad puns/good puns - is there a difference? Gotta keep laughing at ourselves or someone might think we're stuck up or something ;-)

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