7 April 2023

Robin’s Doily - round 4

Well round four is done.  As you can see I haven’t put the iron on it yet but it really sits well.  That’s down to good, careful design skills.  It doesn’t need ‘blocking’ or anything.  Brilliant design.

6 April 2023


Another update on the knitting progress.  
As you can see I’ve now got below the armholes and it’s all joined up in one long round.  This is now a lot more interesting but a lot slower to knit.  I’ve got a digital copy of the chart on the iPad and use markup as I progress each row.  This means I can erase each row as it’s done and move upwards to the next one.  

I’ll add part of the chart to this blog post so you can see what Im doing.  

5 April 2023


Hallie has sent me another of my designs that she’s done and I’ve checked it’s OK to share with you all. Here’s her comment.

“Good morning, Jane,
Since you said you like knowing people are enjoying your patterns, here's my latest effort: the Coriolis Motif. I'd only done block tatting a couple times before, but it works so well in this pattern. Thanks again for sharing your BC3 with all of us!
Best wishes,
Hallie in Wisconsin”

4 April 2023


Just in case you didn't notice - another alien arrived in my inbox. A great start to the week. 

Still hoping that a few more will fly in as I know there are still quite a few 'out there' waiting to land!!!! 

3 April 2023


Yes, Monday but no moan!!! In fact I don’t really have a lot to say at the moment. 

Yesterday was such a busy day and I was too tired to do much. Hope to have more to share later this week.

Just a pretty picture from one of my walks.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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