15 January 2016

Day 4

It's Friday so it MUST be time for Day 4 of the TIAS.

Day 5 will be available on Sunday so keep those shuttles on standby!!

14 January 2016

About the TIAS

First of all tomorrow will be day 4. It was going to be today but it's going to be a VERY hectic day for me so I can't give it the time it needs.

Just thought it was worth sharing a few thoughts about this year's Tat It And See and the progress so far.

Firstly it's going really, really well from what I can see/feel. 

I see a lot of people taking part on my odd visits to Facebook but who don't send pictures to the blog. That's FINE. 

I'm also learning about the 'secret' TIAS tatters who never get publicly involved or ever make contact with me. Again - that's fine. Hope they are brave enough to join in publicly one day.

Another pleasing thing is the guffaws of laughter that the game generates for the two of us back here in our part of the world. Thank you to those who go the extra mile to cause that with their pictures and comments!

From being a possessive parent of this daft idea - nowadays I'm becoming a proud parent who honestly is enjoying every minute of it's growth during it's teenage years. Because of this I'm looking forward to doing another next January. 

Maybe I'll use the idea I had for this year but changed my mind about!!! You'll hear why at the end.

11 January 2016

More playing with baubles

Tomorrow will be day 3 of the Tat It And See.  The link will be on this blog and the TIAS blog too.

I'm back playing with baubles which isn't easy while dealing with BC3 and his lack of memory as to 'what did I do last time'!!! 

The problem with these is the difficulty of taking pictures. Not easy. I normally tend to scan rather than use the camera. Still here's one of my experiments.

I'm interested at the moment in how to add beads to the edges of the finished open baubles. I think I've solved the problem now but it's hard to explain how I've done it. I'll try, though one day. The top picture below shows another row added after the beads. 

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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