14 January 2016

About the TIAS

First of all tomorrow will be day 4. It was going to be today but it's going to be a VERY hectic day for me so I can't give it the time it needs.

Just thought it was worth sharing a few thoughts about this year's Tat It And See and the progress so far.

Firstly it's going really, really well from what I can see/feel. 

I see a lot of people taking part on my odd visits to Facebook but who don't send pictures to the blog. That's FINE. 

I'm also learning about the 'secret' TIAS tatters who never get publicly involved or ever make contact with me. Again - that's fine. Hope they are brave enough to join in publicly one day.

Another pleasing thing is the guffaws of laughter that the game generates for the two of us back here in our part of the world. Thank you to those who go the extra mile to cause that with their pictures and comments!

From being a possessive parent of this daft idea - nowadays I'm becoming a proud parent who honestly is enjoying every minute of it's growth during it's teenage years. Because of this I'm looking forward to doing another next January. 

Maybe I'll use the idea I had for this year but changed my mind about!!! You'll hear why at the end.


Maureen said...

Now I have an indelible picture of overcoated secret tatters hiding round corners with their shuttles........maybe you can coax them out with gin and chocolate?

Pigmini said...

Maureen... I wonder if they're wearing trilby hats, collars turned up and dark glasses??? VBG It may take slightly more than the promise of Gin and Chocolate to coax them out of those coats in the current UK weather.... Rofl

Madtatter80 said...

I used to be one, and it was my poor lack of computer skills was the reason, I still haven't joined Facebook, my daughter in law showed me how to work a blog and that seemed very advanced for someone who learned to type on a manual type writer. I know there are others out there I thought I was only one in my area that tatted and then when into a local shop at christmas time and saw some "tatted ornaments" and they were not mine ha ha ha I must investigate :)

Pigmini said...

Hence the overcoat trilby n shades then.... Rofl

Kathy Niklewicz said...

It is good to know that there are hidden tatters out there. The internet can be intimidating, so I understand their being 'shy'. I find Facebook difficult to navigate, so I'm amazed how popular it is.

Not only do you dream up these amazing designs, you keep another blog showing everyone's progress, and it's fun to see the guesses they come up with. I can't imagine how you find time to do all this!

Jane Eborall said...

Sometimes like today - I don't have time!!!! Back to 'normal' tomorrow, though!!!!

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