3 March 2012

Doodle flower

The final doodle for now is a flower like one.  Now I bet there are a few of you - well, hopefully one at least, who might remember I was working on several new doodles.  Yes I was - BUT they're now part of my submission for a teaching post at Palmetto Tat Days in September.  

IF I'm lucky enough to get a teaching position then they'll be on the CD they usually bring out.  Of course if I'm not selected you'll get them after the end of April.  BUT there might be a sneaky preview next week.

Amongst those ready to go are an ostrich, a peacock a penguin and a tiny, tiny gecko.  Well I'm prevaricating again - here's the link to today's doodle.

2 March 2012

Doodle LBP

Sorry about the lack of post yesterday but it was a 'hurried start' to the day.  

The cat had to go to the vet for her 'annual inspection' and we had to take the car to the garage in another town.  I'm very pleased to report that we DID get that in the right order and the cat didn't land up at the garage or the car at the vet's!!!  Sometimes I'm very impressed that between the two of us we do get it 'right'!!!

Today I've got one of the first things I did with a long beaded picot done using the technique that I now use all the time - to be found here.  What I LOVE about this technique is not only the lack of beads to add to the thread before starting but also the fact that you can decide what you want to put on the picots when you get there.  MUCH better for a ditherer like me who can never make up her mind.

Here it is in all it's 'glory'!!!

This could, of course, easily be an earring too!!!!  BUT I've put it on the doodle page for now!!

29 February 2012

Dog doodle

SHEEEEESH - can't believe I'm keeping this up!!!!

Introducing what I believe is a dog doodle.  Least I think that's what it originally started out to be some 30 years ago when it was one of my 'teaching aids'!!!  

I was known to appear in school with all sorts of things hanging from my ears - the tatting doodles were quite tame!!  Least the kids were happy to come to school to see what 'teacher' was wearing - anything to amuse the four/five year olds (and their parents).

I wore tea bags, dog biscuits, wrapped sweets, numerous Christmas decorations, adio tapes and anything that would hang from a pair of ear wires.  I think my best ever was turning up to a VERY posh party with a pair of bath plugs (marbled red) hanging from my ear lobes.  1 1/2" diameter ones - I've still got them somewhere too.

28 February 2012

Another doodle

I'm following (so far!!) my new blog policy of 'a doodle a day keeps the doctor away'!!!  Well, that's until I run out of doodles and/or steam!! Here's today's doodle.

Again it's another that's been floating around forever on my web page but I've now tidied it up and (hopefully!) made it easier to follow.

27 February 2012


So in the end after some suggestions I thought the best name for this design would be the Snickerdoodle Earring.  Thanks, Sue Anna.  That name really grabbed my imagination. 

So, I present you with the Snickerdoodle Earring!!!

I'm hoping that unless I get distracted I'll get the other doodles sorted out in the doodle section.  What's that saying?  Ah, I remember - 'a doodle a day keeps the doctor away'.

If you pop by there you'll see that I've moved a few things over from other places too.  I'm inunndated with doodles!!!

In fact I'll let you into a secret.  No I won't - another day, perhaps!!

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Happy Beaks
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