3 March 2012

Doodle flower

The final doodle for now is a flower like one.  Now I bet there are a few of you - well, hopefully one at least, who might remember I was working on several new doodles.  Yes I was - BUT they're now part of my submission for a teaching post at Palmetto Tat Days in September.  

IF I'm lucky enough to get a teaching position then they'll be on the CD they usually bring out.  Of course if I'm not selected you'll get them after the end of April.  BUT there might be a sneaky preview next week.

Amongst those ready to go are an ostrich, a peacock a penguin and a tiny, tiny gecko.  Well I'm prevaricating again - here's the link to today's doodle.


Orsi said...

Lovely colors! Green beads are brilliant with it.

Jane McLellan said...

That's a sweet doodle.

Valerie said...

Very eye-catching this! Wow, Jane, I really can't wait to see all the animals that are coming out.

Sunela said...

Beautiful Doodle.....I love the brightness!

God's Kid said...

Very cute!! :)

LadyShuttleMaker aka MadMadPotter said...

Of course you will get a teaching position! I cannot imagine any other scenario.

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