17 May 2024

Finished cardigan

Well here it is.  I managed to get it done just before the hot weather hit us last weekend.  I’ve really enjoyed knitting this garment but I’m now back to the shuttles and maybe get a little design finished that I started last year!!!  

Who knows!!!!

15 May 2024

Oval version number two!

The only difference between this one and the last is a slightly longer lock chain at the top and bottom.  Again this is the original pattern.  

Did you see Tim’s ‘spooky’ post on his blog last week?  Here’s the link.

13 May 2024

Monday moan - follow on to the last one

Well last Monday’s moan (which you can find here) opened up a can of worms so I’m giving the link so you can read any comments you might have missed. 

Now this has led me to think further about the ‘other’ problem that designers have too.  That’s the problem of intellectual property.  

Now I consider if I’ve done something totally unique that’s never been done before that this is then MY intellectual property even if it has been changed a bit.  Whoever would’ve thought of taking what we call plain bangles and turning them into a dragon or ‘tattysaurus’.  Well I know I was the first to do so but it seems that somebody thought it was such a good idea she’d copy it and never give credit to the original (which was already on my pattern page).  As far as I know this has never been acknowledged as ‘inspired by’ me but has been shown off as ‘hers’ and hers alone.  I’m mentioning no names as it’s well hidden online and I don’t want to embarrass the person concerned.  It’s happened with another design and after a ‘firm’ conversation that person did eventually put ‘inspired by’ on her version which was very close to my original.

By the way - my Monday moans may make you think I’m a real old grump - I assure you I’m not.  Honestly.  To prove it I’m showing you a picture which is titled ‘exterminate, exterminate, exterminate’!!!!  With apologies to Dr Who fans!!!


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Happy Beaks
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