28 December 2013

Just for a change!

As I regularly do - I decided that I ought to re-visit this pattern and I'm glad I did.  This is the first of several trials I'm doing of the Fantasy Flower. 

The main reason for looking this pattern over again is to see if I can improve it's 'understandability'!!!!  I'll need to do the drawings again as the originals were done on a PC and now I use a Mac so the software didn't 'transfer'.  Mind, I do like drawing on the computer - very therapeutic but hard too when you have thread and shuttles wound round your hands as well!!!

This isn't a very good picture as it was scanned.  I'll try for a better one later using the camera!!

27 December 2013

Final box started

Before I start I'd like to show you number 126 of the 2013 Tat It And See from Anne-Mare.  I'll shortly be announcing the start date of the TIAS 2014.  Are there anymore prams still to come?  Not that it matters particularly!!!

Roughly flung onto the scanner are the first two 'parts' of the final box!!!  Again I've gone back to using the beads that came off the original one so they're really re-purposed.  

When I pop my clogs I'm hoping I'll be thrown into the recycling box which the council collect every fortnight!  Problem is - I'll have to 'smallerise' myself first to be able to fit into the bin!!!

24 December 2013

Two bracelets

Well I doubt you'll hear from me for a day or two and I'm not going to explain why either!!!  Oh, alright I will.  

It's because there'll be nobody around to read my ramblings as most of you will be celebrating Christmas.  I'll not be going ANYWHERE.  Not even 'down the town' to buy the milk and a newspaper for Nick.  For us it's a designated two days for eating and drinking too much, falling asleep in the chair and most importantly - the giving of presents.  Which brings me to these two below.

A couple of bracelets made for a neighbour and her daughter.  I really enjoy making these and especially for this lass who I've been helping with her crochet.  Well, here's the link if you want to make one.  Easy peasy once you know how to do the single shuttle split ring (SSSR).

23 December 2013

A special card

Now I just had to show you this Christmas card which came from a well known tatter who lives in Scotland.

It came from Lindsay Rogers who is the author of several tatting pattern books and who is specially well known for her Tatting Collage designs in the book of that name.  I can't give you any links as she's not active online but if you put 'Lindsay Rogers tatting' into google you'll find lots of places you can find her books.

We have often exchanged letters in the past as I don't think Lindsay uses a computer.  Look at this lovely tatting and see how it enhances an already pretty card.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.