23 December 2013

A special card

Now I just had to show you this Christmas card which came from a well known tatter who lives in Scotland.

It came from Lindsay Rogers who is the author of several tatting pattern books and who is specially well known for her Tatting Collage designs in the book of that name.  I can't give you any links as she's not active online but if you put 'Lindsay Rogers tatting' into google you'll find lots of places you can find her books.

We have often exchanged letters in the past as I don't think Lindsay uses a computer.  Look at this lovely tatting and see how it enhances an already pretty card.


Maureen said...

That's absolutely beautiful! - and doesn't the thread match perfectly? - what a lovely card.

Sally Kerson said...

Very impressed with the card, have several of the cards myself but could not enhance them with such a great embellishment. Shame Lindsay is not on the internet though.

Jane McLellan said...


AKTATTER said...


Tally Tatty said...

tatting with class!

Batty Tatter said...

That is lovely. I just got her book Tatting Collage. I'm looking forward to tatting from it.

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Happy Beaks
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