15 March 2019

Bring me sunshine

I have taken part in an exchange. I do this from time to time as it's a good way to meet other tatters that I probably wouldn't ever meet. I sent a flower to Gaelle a couple or three weeks ago and it just didn't seem enough.

The weather was really poor when I made the flower and so I thought I'd send her a little sunshine too. Well it cheered me up while I was making it!!!

14 March 2019

Two more done

I’m really enjoying making these little pouches. They’re not ‘easy’ as such but once you get into the swing of them they’re fun to make.

Choosing which fabrics 'go' together is part of the fun/problem and each one I make becomes my favourite and the one I'm going to keep!!! Now how many pouches does a gal need? Well, one for tatting, one for sewing, one for 'things I keep in my handbag', one for the things I need to take with me on trips and many other ideas may spring to mind. Does anybody have any other ideas?

13 March 2019

I wonder

What would happen if designers collected royalties on the use of their patterns like music in the music industry?

I remember working as a temp for a software company who had to pay a royalty on every track they used in their touch screen business. 

Now how the composers or musicians (or whatever) of the music know who uses their works (unless declared by the person using it) then I’ve no idea. It’s the law and that’s what it says. I looked it up and this is how things stand in the UK.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if we (as designers) could collect on our work each time it was used in a similar manner? Maybe I’d be rich? Hmmm, doubt it.

Not sure why I’m thinking and writing this - must be all the rain we’ve been having getting into my 🧠 brain!!!!

12 March 2019

The problem is

That once you've done one you've really got to do another unless you have a one handed friend.

I suddenly decided the other day that I wanted to knit a pair of gloves!! It’s hopefully getting towards the tail end of the winter but BC3 doesn’t seem to realise that! I thought I’d knit two pairs for this year’s Christmas presents. 

I looked in my stash of yarn and found some grey four ply wool. It wasn’t a full ball so I weighed it and a pair of gloves I’d made with similar yarn. Ah, maybe not quite enough for a pair of gloves so I got another ball and have used that as you’ll see.

This is the right hand glove done. Front and back are shown.

11 March 2019

A heart and a pig

Just had to show you this heart and the pig which Mary sent to me. 

They’re both on my pattern pages here. 

It’s a constant surprise when people send me pictures of things they’ve made from my designs. It’s strange being at ‘this end’ of the tatting process as you’re never sure if what you put ‘out there’ is really what people want. 

As I give my designs away there’s no feedback on whether things are being used or not. People are very kind and say ‘thank you’ when I announce a new pattern but after that (unless somebody writes to me like Mary and a few others) or posts on Facebook then it’s a mystery.

Nothing wrong with a mystery, though!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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