10 December 2016


I missed blogging yesterday because I didn't have anything to show. Least I thought I didn't think I had until I was looking at my photos last night and realised I'd got some of the Lace Fair that I went to last Saturday.

So here they are. The person standing in the photo is Sue (commonly known as Pigmini) who blogs over here. The lady behind the stall is Lyn. 

I have met Sue several times before but didn't realise how dangerous it is to talk to other tatters when there are supplies being sold nearby!!! I'd come back well stocked from America but temptation (neatly egged on by these two) got in my way yet again.

It was a good day and thankfully not as crowded as it was last time I went which was a few years ago.  

8 December 2016

The 6-point Filet Star

Do you remember this post?  This is the Filet Star on page 18 of the All New Knotless Tatting Designs book by Dora Young.

Well I managed to do one of these little motifs (no failure this time!) without using a picot gauge and it looked pretty darn good!!! So, off I went on another motif. The reason why I made another one will become obvious when I've done another five!!! The effect when you've got a lot joined together is a bit like the first Dora motif that I did. VERY, very pretty. 

So, back to the tatting shuttles and upwards and onwards with my Dora work.

6 December 2016

Introduction to the TIAS

I've just added the introduction to the TIAS on the web site. I hope many of you will have the courage to join me again in my rather ridiculous little game!!!! 

For those who haven't heard about this game before - it's simply a pattern which is 'chopped up' into small parts and each part is given out every few days. The fun part is that you don't know what you're making. Guesses, pictures and anything goes in the four to six weeks that it takes to complete the uploading of the links. There is no time limit and there are no rules either - except I ask you to make it as fun as possible. 

If you need help at any point please ask although I can't help needle tatters. Before I forget - I'd better let you know where the introduction can be found. Here's the link.  There are also links on  Riet's blog to her translation (Dutch) and Julie's translation is here (French).  Julie's link maybe wrong but I'll update it when I see it appear!!!  I'm also putting links on the side of the TIAS blog too.  My thanks go to these two for all their hard work on this and the upcoming game.  They will be translating all the TIAS as it happens.

Just to pretty up the blog post - here are a few pictures of past Tat It And See games.

5 December 2016

It's Monday - let's all start the week

with a smile!!! The next pattern on my list that needed to be uploaded is the one that I did for Tat Days. I did this as a sort of 'instead of' pattern as I suddenly realised that the sun would be tooooooo long a project for a lesson. Thus the Sunny Smile was born!!!

I suppose he's almost another emotitat too!!!  Ooooops - forgot to put in the link!!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.