13 January 2012

Too late or too early?

Today it's time for Day 2 of the TIAS - see link above on this blog or the TIAS blog.

I can never get it right.  I'm usually too early for everything especially appointments.  I hate to keep people waiting.  Sometimes (like Christmas and other events) I almost miss them!!!

I was 'blog browsing' just after Christmas and saw this type of decoration on somebody's tree.  For some reason that set me off on another 'tangent'.

Here is what resulted from a couple of day's work.  So am I too late for 2011 or too early for 2012!!!!  Whatever the answer is I'm definitely early on getting the pattern done too!!!  Expect more and similar sooooon!!!

12 January 2012

Made in the UK

Made in the UK but only because of the generosity of Irma in Chile.  I've got several projects on the go at the moment but I couldn't resist using some of the metal findings that Irma so kindly sent me.
Here are two pendants that I've made - one for a member of my family and one which will probably go in my Etsy shop in a few days.  I find these colours together stunning.

11 January 2012


Now these two penguins have come from Germany via Anke.  They were made by a friend of Anke's who was having trouble understanding the pattern because her English isn't so good.  

I know one thing - her English is WAY better than my German.  The only German I can speak is to order two large beers which doesn't help much with tatting problems.  Sorry, I digress.

Here is a direct link to the German translation.  I have also put a link from this page too.

Thank you, Anke. 

10 January 2012

We're off!!

Day 1 of Tat It And See for 2012 is now posted.  You can find it from this link here and I will put links at the top of the TIAS blog too.  

This is such fun for me too!!

9 January 2012

Irma Luna

Don't forget - tomorrow's the day!!!  What day?  The start of TIAS 2012!!!!!

Do you remember seeing this post which Irma sent me from Chile?  She also sent this too.

VERY kindly Irma said she'd send me some of the metal findings that they used.  Well imagine my surprise and delight when this packet arrived all the way from Chile!!  She said a few - but I say that's LOTS and LOTS.

I've told Irma that I think I'll be using these for the next 100 years!  Can you see all the fun I'm going to have?  Thank you SO much, Irma.  That's made an OG VERY happy indeed.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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