27 October 2012

A tin - just a tin!

Just what the title says - this is a tin!!  Nick likes the small mints that come in these tins and when he'd finished with one the other day he asked if it would be any use to me.  Well, what do YOU think I said?

The small black 'bit' fits just neatly on the top of the tin allowing the mints to be shaken out through the hole.  It's made of quite a tough plastic and is quite easy to get out as you can see.

I've got a few very nice crystal beads which will fit neatly inside and which will save me getting out too many at a time and (as is well known in most tatter's houses) getting spilled all over the place if I knock the tin over!!  I've been given two of these so I'll find other beads to put in the other one.  All I have to do now is stick a label on the top so I know what's in each tin.

Now hands up all those who think this is a stonking great idea!!!  

Well done brain cell 3 - long may you live!!!

26 October 2012

Don't get bored, please!

I know it's more of the same but I have to make a design over and over again until I'm happy with it.  Mainly it's small tweaks on the stitch count that really matter to me.  I had to get the centre right so that the seed beads filled the space and I think I'm happy with that part now.

I also like these colours a lot better too!!!!

Tomorrow I'll show you something new, I hope!!!!  Newish anyway!!!

25 October 2012

Garden snowflake again.

Here's another but I'm not happy with these two colours either!!  They are different to the other two but I'm still not totally happy.  The pattern is coming on well and I SHOULD get it finished soon.  Trouble is I'm dividing my time between this, two other small doodle projects and the TIAS - which I've fallen out with again for now!!!!  I'm hoping to get back to it this evening!!

I was being too lazy and just used what I'd got near the chair again this time.  The variegated thread is some of Karey's and I'm afraid I've just 'killed' it's beauty (and Karey's threads are beautiful) with the yellow.  Ah well, back to the drawing board!!!!

23 October 2012

Something slightly new

Whilst I ponder and work on the cardigan I'm also playing with this idea.

This is a new snowflake which I'm calling the 'Garden Snowflake'.  Yes it's already got a name which is very unusual for me.  The reason?  Well it's based on the Walled Garden motif.  It's not exactly the same as you'll see because I changed the centre quite a bit.

The pattern itself is well on the way to being finished too but I'd like to check it out a few more times before sharing.

I'm not sure I like this colour combination but it was what was on hand when I was sitting here a few days ago!!!

22 October 2012

Do you like?

Do you like my new jacket/cardigan?  I bought one similar to this last winter in black.  I lived in it all winter as it's very lightweight and I get awful hot in our central heating.  Nick feels the cold and I've got an inbuilt central heating boiler inside me so we tend to 'differ' on heating needs!!!

So, having looked at this new item I've decided it's just a tad too plain for me and needs some embellishment!!!  Obviously you know what I'm going to have to do - add tatting!!!  How or what is my next decision.  I don't want to 'tie' myself to any particular colour as I'd like to be able to wear it with anything in my vast wardrobe.  Hmmmm, that's a joke - my wardrobe just ain't vast at all!!!

So here is the item which is taking my attention (although briefly!) from the Tat It And See.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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