25 October 2012

Garden snowflake again.

Here's another but I'm not happy with these two colours either!!  They are different to the other two but I'm still not totally happy.  The pattern is coming on well and I SHOULD get it finished soon.  Trouble is I'm dividing my time between this, two other small doodle projects and the TIAS - which I've fallen out with again for now!!!!  I'm hoping to get back to it this evening!!

I was being too lazy and just used what I'd got near the chair again this time.  The variegated thread is some of Karey's and I'm afraid I've just 'killed' it's beauty (and Karey's threads are beautiful) with the yellow.  Ah well, back to the drawing board!!!!


Valerie said...

The motif is pretty. The yellow seems to overpower the variegated at the moment... perhaps a blue or red solid colour would go well with the variegated. It's just what I think. :P

Maureen said...

Have to be honest and say I don't like the colours! - but the shape of the snowflake is lovely, and I'm looking forward to the pattern! I think it's the beads on the tips which are so effective - nice, classic design.

God's Kid said...

I like it!! :)

linb54 said...

I agree with Maureen on the shape of the snowflake...maybe white would look better with variegated thread? Lovely though!

rsmre said...

You're too hard on yourself, Jane. I like the colors and the design.

Fox said...

Yellow is so tricky - I don't use it too often because I suppose I don't really 'understand' it yet - it has a language all its own, doesn't it?

The shape is great - I am looking forward to seeing the final rendition.
Fox : )

Anonymous said...

Love it Jane!! It's yellow what more is there to say!!

Susan Hook said...

Your colours are beautiful, I am new to tatting and I am finding your blog full of inspiration, you have so much information, thank you for shareing!

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks, Susan. Glad you've taken up tatting - the more the merrier. Are you in the UK?

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