24 March 2023

History repeats itself

Thankfully due to being a shuttle tatter for so many years I was able yet again to do a rapid repair of another broken washing line.  This is the last time it broke in January.  
Before you cynics say anything - it was the other end that broke this time as the tatting knots have held.  Another line has now been erected and my fingers are crossed that this will last for a good while!!!

23 March 2023

Round 2

The start of this project is right back here as my wretched BC3 wandered off on other things - things like knitting!!!

So, back to the doily!

I can now reveal that it's Robin Perfetti's gorgeous Jan's Doily which is truly magnificent.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't destroy it for others as I try to make something equally as stunning. Robin's Etsy shop is here but it appears to be closed at the moment which is a shame.

I did tweak this round slightly as I don’t like big picots that others are later joined to.  Instead of the larger picot I substituted a very small one, two doubles and another small one instead.  It doesn’t detract from the design one bit but made it easier for my BC3 to tell my hands what to do without worrying about any picot gauges!!!

22 March 2023

The hat finished

Well as we were destined to go through another really cold snap in the weather I decided to just knuckle down and get the hat finished.  It’s really hard to take a selfie of the top of the hat so I used the iron to model it too!!!  

It looks as if it’s very long but actually it sits well on my head.  

The visor part was easy to do and I had an empty milk carton (the plastic sort) which I cut up to make it stiff.  I did ‘cheat’ on the band which was needed to ‘hide’ the join and instead I crocheted that!!!!  

21 March 2023

Jumper progress - again!

Further work has been done on the new jumper.  This is SUCH an interesting construction.  
I am now working on the back of the neck.  The needles show where I’ve got to as I’m constructing the shoulders (top, right of the photo).

20 March 2023


That’s the number of aliens who’ve landed on earth. Here are the latest arrivals who all flew in on Saturday!!!

I must admit I was getting a bit worried as the numbers were so low for finished aliens and perhaps this might be down to the final part - the head. I know this was a hard part for some but my biggest concern now is the number of headless aliens roaming our planet earth without being able to enjoy the beautiful parts of our world.

So, please, please get in touch if you need help with your headless alien - I’m sure that the missing aliens would love to join the TIAS blog!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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