28 April 2012

Thoughts of an OG!!

Now when I listed the last lot of bags in my Etsy shop I wondered which would be the most popular.  I have little guessing games with myself!!!   You've heard that the first sign of madness is talking to yourself - well the next stage is playing games with yourself!!!

It's well known in tat land that chocolate goes with tatting (being careful, of course, not to get it on your work) so I naturally thought that the fabric with chocolates would fly out of the shop.  DUH, I was SO wrong!!!  It's a lovely fabric and one I love using.  Is it 'just me' that likes it?

I also thought those with the tatting shuttles (well, they look like that to me!!) and pansies would go fast too but they're still there.  

Isn't it a good thing that we're not all alike!!!

27 April 2012

Spring is in the air!

Before I start today - just to let you know that blogger (bless them) are having problems with scheduled posts.  A lot of us are finding that our posts (which we've set to go at certain times) just ain't behaving.  Easy to get around if you've got a brain and are near a computer at the time or shortly after - but ..........

Even OG's like me get mildly excited when Spring shows itself!!!  
After the flurry of sorting out all the patterns I submitted for a teaching job at Palmetto I wanted/needed pure relaxation and a thought occurred to me!!

I usually (as  you've probably noticed) use number 20 threads for most things as this is what was readily available in local shops when I was a kid.  I also think it's ideal for most of what I use my tatting for - throwing in boxes in the cupboard!!!  Seriously I do wear/use a lot of my stuff and I find this thickness is wearable and washable.

BUT I DO love using size 40 and finer and love size 80 too.  So for pure relaxation I turned this time to size 40.  I have been a very spoilt old git over the past few years by people sending me lots of lovely HDT.  I had quite a few eazy bobs with size 40 on so out they came along with my container of 'all 40's').  So this wee mat was made with - HDT, Omega, Coats, Lizbeth and probably  other threads too!!!  I finished it a few weeks ago then forgot it - as usual!!!!

I think this has turned out to be very 'Spring like'.  Oh, the pattern is this one.  The version without the SCMR.  It's the same as the HWT one that I showed you yesterday but this probably 'needs' a finishing row.  Not sure.  Maybe.  One day.  Perhaps!!!!

26 April 2012

HWT finished

I've just realised - I haven't shown you what happened to the motifs I was fiddling with - those made with the Hand Woven Threads (HWT)!!  Here it is finally finished.  I actually did finish it last week (or the one before - probably) and then did what I usually do - flung it in a storage box!!!  

I'm not too sure about the final round so it may well go 'under the scissors) when I'm next in the right mood for it.

25 April 2012

Hanky again

Well here is the edging on the handkerchief.  I sewed it on with the usual invisible thread.  Boy that stuff drives me MAD.  Well, that's not strictly true - I should say madder!!!

I used the 'Oh, so simple' edging again - probably because I'm getting boring in my old age!!!!

I gave the hanky to Julia on Monday and she's now thinking of embroidering the bride and groom's initials on there - or something to make it even more special. It's just the right size to be framed too.

I used size 80 (ish) thread for it.

24 April 2012

Now what is this?

Let me tell you.  It's a handkerchief.  It's for a very special wedding next month.  BUT you may ask why is the silly old git showing you THAT?  Well, let me explain.

Remember Julia my star tatter who I met at the Buzz?  Well she asked me if I'd make her a hanky edging for a wedding gift.  Of course I said yes as I love people asking me to make things.  So, we had a discussion and I said it would be easier for me if she gave me a hanky to work from (size is the thing with edgings!).  

The next time I saw her she brought me the one you see below.  BUT what you don't know yet is that she MADE it.  Yes, honestly this is what she made.  It's beautifully sewn too.  It's drawn thread work and the mitred corners are perfect.  I DO hope you can see how well made it is.

23 April 2012

Final version!

Now you've seen the original done on the CD and the one with the gaping hole in.  So, here's the new version done round a bead!!!!  Bit of a change, eh?

The pattern is now available here.  It's a really, really simple one with just rings, chains and the 'odd' split ring.  This design just begs to be used with colours.  Any and all colours.  These have been done with just two but you could easily use four in each motif and I've a feeling that's what I did with some of the original ones.

Naturally these are using Lizbeth colours too.  I'm hopeless at putting the names to them but I assure you that they are Lizbeth.  

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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