30 January 2010

Introducing Robin the robin!

I'd like to introduce you to Robin the robin!!!!  

Named after a friend of my sister's, whom I have never met (and who's name IS Robin), I wanted to show you this wee chap.

Sally asked me if I could make her a Robin a few weeks ago after she'd posted this one on her blog.  So this is what I came up with.  Not an easy task as there are so many colours in the wee chap.  Brown, black, red and white.  

As you know I'm not a lover of sewing in ends so it was a challenge to get to do this without too many ends.  Still, after re-writing it only once I did manage to avoid a few!!!

I've listed a couple of Robin's robins in my Etsy store.  I know it's a bit stupid at this time of year but I SO wanted to share him!!!!  Here are a couple of pictures of 'the bird'!!!!

29 January 2010

Playing around with leaves!!

Last week Sue Anna sent me a lovely gift of some threads and odds and ends.  The threads were some of Yarnplayers.

I've resisted buying the HDT's as I've always thought of them as variagated threads.  I'm not very fond of variagated threads.  That's just ME being an awkward old moo.  I can get on with them if they are gradually changing colours but stark changes frighten me.  I'm not that fond of them as the main 'element' in lots of patterns but DO work with them quite a lot alongside a plain.

Sorry, I'm rambling again - it's what old people do when they get - well, OLD!!!

So, one day I was looking at Yarnplayer's HDT and spotted celery amongst them and thought - hmmm, that looks good, very good.  Imagine my delight when two skeins (1 size 20 and another size 40) were in the bag from Sue Anna. 

I couldn't wait to get my mucky mitts onto using them and eventually I got there!!!

This was the project I'd got in mind and it's just the loveliest thread to work with for these leaves.  The thread 'glows' alongside the beads which sparkle.  Aren't I a lucky old git?

28 January 2010

Secret Santa - follow up or IS ERIN PSYCHIC?

I was so surprised when my secret santa showed up but when I opened it and saw one of the items inside my stomach turned before I burst out laughing.

Why did my stomach turn?  I thought that Erin was psychic.  I'm not sure if you can see on the previous post as I didn't want to make it look too obvious.  

This was what was in the package.  A fat quarter covered with Normans and Aileens!!!!!  Now what AM I going to make?!?!?

27 January 2010

Final day of TIAS 2010

OK, this is the link for the final day and hopefully the beginning of a farmyard full of roosters.

You will see on the final day that there is more for you to make.

I would love to welcome all the roosters to come and take their places on the TIAS blog!!!!!

Thank you ALL for taking part. Without you all this would've still been an egg!!!!

26 January 2010

Mary Konior

Since the death of Mary Konior two weeks ago I've thought a lot about this lady.  I never knew her or anything about her but her books were published at a time when I needed to tat something different.  Most of my books and leaflets up until then had been the old Coats and Penelope ones with just doilies, hanky edgings and antimacassars in.  I think of her with the following memories of how and when I bought the books.

Back in 1985 I bought her first book just after publication.  I can't fathom where I got it from as there's no sticker in it to say.  It cost me the sum of £6.50 though and it has my married name in it so I was 42 when I bought it.  This would have been at a time when I was happily married with teenage daughters and a full time teaching job.   The book is A Pattern Book of Tatting. 

Her next book came out in 1988 and is the one called Tatting in Lace for which I paid £8.50.  Interestingly this hasn't got my signature in it but the following year when the next book came out I have signed it again with my married name.  That book (Tatting Patterns) again cost £8.50.  I can even track the time of year I bought this book as my ex 'went walkies' in November that year with my friend.  So I must've bought it earlier on if I was using his name to sign with!!!  I ditched 'that' surname shortly after he went and returned to my proper name!!!

The final book was published in 1992 and is called Tatting with Visual Patterns.  I must've REALLY valued this lady as I was having a tough time around then financially so to pay out £14.99 on a tatting book was a BIG DEAL.  It must've been an 'egg on toast' week that week!!  It was a real inspiration to carry on tatting.  

Which is my favourite of the four?  ALL of them.  I've enjoyed many hours not only making up the patterns but also just browsing these wonderful books.  

Thank you, Mary for being in my life when I needed you most.  We never met and never will but I feel I know you through your work.

25 January 2010

Day 10

Here is the link for day 10 which is again very straightforward!  

Day 11 is still scheduled for Wednesday.

24 January 2010

Day 9 - out NOW!!

Here's day 9 with just two more to go!!!  

Please just check before you go on that you DID join the last part of the last chain to ring 4 on the top of the (dare I say it?) wing!!!!
Here is where I mean - see the highlighted part of that chain.

Ch: 5 Lj (vsp last Ch above join btwn R12 & R18) 1 + (p above R4 – holding it on to p of the Lp’s) 6  Lj  (1st vsp last Ch) RW SS

Thank you to everybody who reassured me yesterday that they were managing TIAS.  It was SUCH a relief.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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