26 January 2010

Mary Konior

Since the death of Mary Konior two weeks ago I've thought a lot about this lady.  I never knew her or anything about her but her books were published at a time when I needed to tat something different.  Most of my books and leaflets up until then had been the old Coats and Penelope ones with just doilies, hanky edgings and antimacassars in.  I think of her with the following memories of how and when I bought the books.

Back in 1985 I bought her first book just after publication.  I can't fathom where I got it from as there's no sticker in it to say.  It cost me the sum of £6.50 though and it has my married name in it so I was 42 when I bought it.  This would have been at a time when I was happily married with teenage daughters and a full time teaching job.   The book is A Pattern Book of Tatting. 

Her next book came out in 1988 and is the one called Tatting in Lace for which I paid £8.50.  Interestingly this hasn't got my signature in it but the following year when the next book came out I have signed it again with my married name.  That book (Tatting Patterns) again cost £8.50.  I can even track the time of year I bought this book as my ex 'went walkies' in November that year with my friend.  So I must've bought it earlier on if I was using his name to sign with!!!  I ditched 'that' surname shortly after he went and returned to my proper name!!!

The final book was published in 1992 and is called Tatting with Visual Patterns.  I must've REALLY valued this lady as I was having a tough time around then financially so to pay out £14.99 on a tatting book was a BIG DEAL.  It must've been an 'egg on toast' week that week!!  It was a real inspiration to carry on tatting.  

Which is my favourite of the four?  ALL of them.  I've enjoyed many hours not only making up the patterns but also just browsing these wonderful books.  

Thank you, Mary for being in my life when I needed you most.  We never met and never will but I feel I know you through your work.


geraldine said...

tatting with visual patterns. this book i have used over and over i can follow the patterns with ease, as the coloured pictures are so good you can follow a thread from start to finnish. me being me i have added bits and taken bits away to suit what i needed for a particular piece i was working to make. i have recommended these books to beginners of tatting as they are good to learn from. mary will be saddly missed in the tatting world.
jane how about a book from you? this would go down well with all your followers. please.

Sally Kerson said...

Well said Geraldine - how about a book from you Jane? Sadly the Tatting with visual patterns is the only book I haven't got written by Mary - as yet! Her talent has made a lasting impression on so many who have taken up the craft of tatting.

Fox said...

Well said, Jane.

I feel so lucky that I managed to find all of her books at very good prices last year, when I first discovered Mary Konior. I think her books will become very dear and difficult now that she has passed away

Because of her wonderful legacy, she will always be with us.
Fox : )

Melanie aka Picotsnkeys said...

A lovely tribute said with eloquence. As a novice tatter, I really appreciate the insights experienced tatters share regarding books and tatters of note. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

IsDihara said...

Elegant and eloquent tribute to a wonderful and inspirational tatter. I too have wondered why you never have published your own tattting book?

Some (long, long, long in the future) day when you are not here to update your blog and pattern site, and we are all missing you so very, very much, where shall we turn?

I think you should publish your T.I.A.S. pages into a book and make it (or them) available for paid download or for hard copy sale. Easy!!!

Jane Eborall said...

OK, I know I probably 'ought' to put it all down in book form but I haven't got the 'time or inclination' to do it!!! I keep having new ideas and they've got to be shared. IF a publisher were to come along and offer to do it all for me (I DO live in cloud cuckoo land) then I'd do it but to me it would be SUCH a waste of valuable tatting time!!!

Beelizabeth said...

Maybe you should publish a book-but you have been more than generous in offering soooo many wonderful patterns for free. Your generosity in giving these to the world's tatters is very greatly appreciated. I've been trying to design a snowflake- my very first design attempt and it has made me appreciate you and all the other designers even more!

Sharren Morgan said...

What a wonderful, well-written tribute to a respected tatting designer! Well said, Jane -- thank you for expressing many of the thoughts in minds and hearts around the world.

Ridgewoman said...

A lovely Tribute Jane, just like you. Unique among tatters, are you!

Tatters had better save ALL your patterns and make their own book…that's what I'm doing.

love, P

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Your lovely post gave me an at-a-glance timeline of the publishing dates of Mary's tatting books (I understand she had some crochet books, also), and it is amazing that they all came out within a seven-year span.

I have only the Visual Patterns book, which was my first introduction to her work. I was immediately in awe of her designs and the diagrams. She seemed to be one of the pioneers of adding color to the diagrams, and fortunately the publisher went along with it! Happily, color diagrams are now common to see, especially on blogs and websites like yours, which is SO appreciated. With antique patterns I must draw the pattern out (and use color pens) before I start to tat.

But I'm still curious about her tatting history and even where she lived. England? Australia? Was she married? She seems to have been a very private person! We certainly owe her a great deal, and I hope she was aware of the impact she had on tatters around the world.

Jane Eborall said...

All I can tell you, Kathy, is that Mary was English. Probably we'll get to know more in time.

Art by JoyMac said...

It was a sad day that I heard of Mary's passing...I didnt know her personaly but I loved her designs and her books...I am sure that she will always be remebered by tatters the world over.
RIP Mary
Joy in OZ

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