24 June 2022

Playing with the

Celtic Ferris Wheel motif.  Why?  Well I just LOVE colours.  
It’s many, many years since I saw Rosemarie Peel’s wonderful little book in which there is Celtic tatting.  This was where she used two separate pieces of tatting then interwove them and then kept them in place with another round.  I found this in her book ‘Tatting for Pleasure’ and I must say it’s always a pleasure to tat her designs.  

Her Celtic pattern in that book inspired me eventually to make the Celtic Ferris Wheel design which is on my free pattern site which is here.  Just wander down to ‘motifs’ and you’ll find it.

Part of the reason for making this again is to try and extend it to a larger design.  Wonder if that will work?!?!?

22 June 2022

Another bookmark

I couldn’t resist making another bookmark like the one I did yesterday!!!  Details of where to find it are on this post.

Obviously I decided to try it in colours so this is the result.  Happy days!!!

I like it in colours so a few more may get made!!!

21 June 2022

Another demolition job underway!

This was once a winter sleeveless waistcoat/gilet which I’ve had for probably ten or more years.  I didn’t wear it a lot as there’s a collar on it and that annoyed me after a while!!  I got it out of the wardrobe to take it to the charity shop = BUT.  Hang on.  What shall I do with it?!?!?

There were pockets in it and a very long open ended zip.  This was NOT the easiest demolition job I’ve ever done as the stitching was camouflaged into the fleece.  Here’s the job partway through.  I apologise for not taking a picture earlier but - I forgot!!

The idea is to use the basic part as a lining for another waistcoat.  Mainly because I’m bored to death with my usual winter T-shirts so thought that if I made a waistcoat that I could wear with them I’d feel a happier old git!!!  Wonder if it’ll work?!?!?

20 June 2022

When an insertion becomes a bookmark!

Now today I have something to show you. Judith Connors showed me her bookmark a few months ago and it really appealed to me. The simplicity of it and yet it’s quite challenging in it’s way. She kindly sent me her version of it. 

The basic pattern is from the Eleanore Endrucks-Liechtenstein book and it is number 32 which can be found here in the Antique Pattern Library. The actual pattern is here.

What Judith did is add ‘elbows’ to either end of the insertion and this makes a really lovely bookmark.   Many thanks to Judith for sharing this with me.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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