22 September 2023

Problems resolved

As I’ve mentioned before I am making another pair of socks but this time I decided to use a different pattern.  

After the last post about this new sock (here) I didn’t realise that the heel part would be so very different to the last pattern I used.  I had several days when I didn’t do anything because I didn’t understand the pattern!!!!  

Finally the ‘penny dropped’ and I finally got partway round the heel.  Here’s a picture of where I’m at now!!

20 September 2023

Patchwork progression

I’m still plodding away on the patchwork cloth but still enjoying it.  This is going to be a loooong round of little motifs joined together with a darker colour.  

18 September 2023

Two days of tatting!

Saturday and Sunday were spent in Lifeways at the Heritage Craft weekend.  
It was a great opportunity to catch up with other crafting friends.  Jane who I see at the Alcester group on a Friday and Sue who I haven’t seen for years.  We had a ‘two day gossip’ and found out that we had many mutual friends!!!

Here are some pictures taken soon after we had set up on the Sunday morning.  

Above - Spinning Jane!

An interested visitor modelling my tatted poncho

Our current town mayor (seated) learning to do braiding.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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